The trend on Corona Virus

How well can we cope with Corona Virus

I’ll allow this thread for now, but be aware, political discussion is NOT allowed on this forum.
Fake news will be removed as well. That means if you want to report something as FACT, you will need to back that up with solid scientific evidence.

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It’s all a bit weird really so far.

I’m working from home and it’s taken a while to get used to keeping home, and work, separate.

Thankfully things seem to have settled into a new routine and food/supplies are now a bit more obtainable although there’s still no sign of soap or hand sanitiser and I don’t know when we’ll ever see that again.

The lockdown seems to be havng its effect as there continues to be a downward trend in the number of deaths here in the UK.

Hope everyone is okay wherever you may live as these are definitely difficult times.

I can’t work from Home Remote as they prevented us Clerical workers that option. They think we can’t do out jobs when if it wasn’t for use they would be having a job because of us.

Have in mind that without a vaccine there is not a guarantee . . .

A vaccine will help but it’s not a guarantee either.

It depends on its effectiveness and massive production easiness

It also depends how quickly the virus mutates.

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Not just that its how stupid people are, or clueless . from previous experience

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