"The Transporter" scene selection's problem (v1.1.2)

This is my first try with DVD2One version 1.1.2

The Transporter, R1, NTSC

Mode: Full-Disk
Audio: Only 5.1 stereo selected

Result= 3.9 G

DVD software= DVD Decrypter, DVD2One 1.1.2
DVD burner= Pioneer A105
DVD player= Sony DVP-NS315

The movie played smooth from start to the end, until I went to ‘scene selection’ mode and tried to select the scene I want to play. The scene selection menu skip thru the end (no matter which scene I’ve selected).

I’ve been using DVD2One 1.0.2 to copy movie only and use PI-7 for Full-Disk and never had any problem before.

Any one? :confused:

I’ve seen that happen before on another disk. I’ll be trying this later, perhaps I’ll go the Ifo Edit /1.1.1 version method instead.

Why even bother with DVD2one when the whole DVD is only 4.36 GB? I just decrypted The Transporter with DVD Decrypter and burned it. Works Great! :slight_smile:

First of all, the Transporter R1 is a dual side, single layer DVD, each side having the widescreen or fullscreen version, which means that it can be copied directly from DVD Decrypter in ISO mode.
Second, the problem of chapter skipping or freezing, to me happens to:
a. Some random Decrypter ISO burns (Dunno why…)
b. Defective discs. (Princos mostly, but also TraxData etc) Some discs may play ok from start to finish, but has trouble in chapter hopping.

In fact, my goofy way of checking whether the burning is good, is insert it in the standalone and chapter hop till the end.
Goofy, but works :slight_smile:
Have you tried it before or after watching the movie? In some rare cases, “hot” cheap discs respond in a weird way
Try a DVD-RW test.

I have also read the problem happening when using cheap CD labels.

I’m almost 100% sure your problem is not DVD2ONE related

I did it a couple of days ago (WS side) and started watching it with the wife. I had to stop it. Too much man stuff she said. So we watched “maid in Manhattan” instead … :frowning:
But checked the disc and it plays ok :). Burned on TayioYuden at 2X, new 1.30 FW on a Pioneer 105.

To CyberMM
“Why even bother with DVD2one when the whole DVD is only 4.36 GB?”
Because I bought the cheap DVD-R (bundle) which will freeze in the end if I burn over 4.2 G.

To Ariano
I tried again with PI-7 full-Disk mode (same dvd-r media) and no skip in “scene selection” mode.

Good point, Tomagio!

There is a problem with v.1.1.2.

Have a look here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=67815

ReneB is aware of it and they are working on a fix.

If you try the previous version v.1.1.1, you will find everything will work fine.

Thanks Phil,
I’m looking forward to see the next version soon. :wink:

@ Tomagio

I stand corrected to the menu issue, as I have never encountered it (thank God…)