The Totally True History of Video Game Graphics

Humans? Usually unappreciative and typically awful. But it wasn’t always like this! When we didn’t have fancy technology with so many features they become useless and couldn’t trap amazingness in a box in our pockets, we enjoyed the little things. Like 8-bit graphics and physical buttons and cords and cartridges. Hell, we even though the graphics were great. Now? It could be real life and we wouldn’t be impressed.

Dorkly drew a hilarious comic that pokes fun at us gamers who don’t deserve nice things and it’s painfully true. Let’s get back to being happy and enjoying crappyness! Okay, yeah, no.

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I grew up in the demo scene. I was at Assembly in '92 in Helsinki and saw programs run on computers that weren’t possible. I saw Doom on a Commodore 64. I witnessed people program 3d graphics and music in 1024 bytes. I played a 3d Quake game, programmed in 64 kilobytes.

People who were/are limited by hardware and overcome that challenge are the true hardcore programmers. They invented the things that became normal later on.

It was awesome and it is still awesome to this day. The things people can do with $50 Raspberry Pi systems are amazing.