The Top of CDR: What is yours?


do you have a top of CD-R producers for reliability and quality?

I have tried Verbatim Data Life Plus and Intenso and I have no problem.

I don’t know if Verbatim and Intenso will be readable after some years


I loved the Verbatim Pastels (TY) and the Verbatim Extra Protection (also TY). Sadly both are hard to find here in the UK now :sad:…although you can still find the Verbatim Extra Protection discs made by other manufacturers.

I also like Ritek CDRs, though I may be in the minority there! Must be decent brands though, e.g. Maxell.

These days though, I tend to stick to Taiyo Yuden, both unbranded and under various different brands.

On those rare occasions when I burn a cd, I use Taiyo Yuden. Haven’t burned any other type of cd-r since 2005 or so.

  1. old Verbatim Metal AZO CD-Rs (not produced since ~ 2002)
  2. Verbatim Pastel CD-Rs (made by Taiyo Yuden, almost impossible to find now)
  3. FalconMedia Pro CD-Rs
  4. Ritek CD-Rs (sold under reliable brands like Maxell, Ridata, Philips, etc.)
  5. Prodisc Diamond CD-Rs (very hard to get)
  6. Daxon CD-Rs (not longer produced)

[li]Verbatim Pastel CD-R (old version)[/li][li]Verbatim Pastel CD-R (new version, same stuff as Extra Protection)[/li][li]Verbatim AZO CD-R (old stuff MiI) <-- Not for audio application[/li][li]Ritek CD-R (Maxell branded)[/li][li]CMC made Verbatim Extra Protection[/li][/ol]