The tool for x flash?

after flashing the drive with 1.03 [from 1.01] original fujitsu fw it only reeds CD no DVD anymore :a

wat is the tool i need fot x flash an fujitsu ht- dt- gsa 4164B to a LG gsa 4166b

the fw loaer from TBD page give model mismatched :confused:

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand, are you saying you crossflashed your 4166 to 4164, and you need firmware to get it back to 4166?

xflash HLDS GSA-4164B -> LG/HLDS GSA-4166B

the LG/HLDS GSA-4164B is a fujitsu oem burner

OK, thanks for clarification. You say that TDB modified 4164 flasher wont flash. Hm, weird, you can try “crash&flash” method, altough it is somewhat risky…

You don’t need to do that. The problem is that the flashing program checks for an identical drive model before flashing. There is however, a certain flashing program for the 4164/4166 which does not perform this check and so can be used to flash between these models. If you successfully cross flashed your 4164->4166 then you must have already used it.

So use that flasher with the original 4164 firmware for your drive (go download it from Fujitsu) and it should work.

xflash workt its now a gsa 4166b used a flasher from “italien job”

after flashing and first reboot it reads and burned one dvd :clap:

but after the second reboot the same problem, not reading dvd anymore :eek:

can this be a aspi problem must i use force aspi or so ?

This could indeed be a software problem. Do you use any packet writing software (INCD, Sonic DLA), AnyDVD or a RPC filter program ?

cleaned lens[clean CD] and it works again :clap:


after reading one dvd and burned two dvd its broken again :a
replaced it in other PC the same problem

its reads and burns CD :iagree:
its not reading DVD only blank DVD :doh:
but the drive stil burns DVD :iagree:

i flashed the drive in all different panasonic based chipset firmware GWA,GSA
can’t find [original] gsa4164 firmware a BIN file that i can use in the HB-loader

if have 1.03 firmware from fujitsu but that is a boot iso file i need a bin file

i think the drive is broken [i bought a Benq 1655 :stuck_out_tongue: ]but i will give it a try to fixed it

for now x flashed to
LG/HLDS GSA-4166B 1.02

Just burn it into a CD and boot the system to it. You can use a CD-RW disc to avoid wasting a CD, if you like. Fujitsu obviously has its own update program that is a boot only affair. If it complains about the model being wrong, then use HBloader to flash the drive using some other GWA-4164B firmware first, then try booting to the CD again.

open the .iso file with winimg
extract the floppy boot image to a .ima file using Image/Boot Sector Properties/Export
open the .ima file with winimg
extract the GSA4164B.EXE file
unpack the GSA4164B.EXE file with WinRAR and you get the .bin file

oke thanks winimg trick worked to extract bin file
flashed it back to a original GSA 4164B again :smiley:
but same problem no reading DVD :confused:
i call fujitsu for warranty :wink:

There is no warranty for crossflashed drives.

mmm the problem began with original firmware 4164B 1.03 i flashed :a

i thoughd bad flash

i tried to fix it myself xflash to 4166B no luck :disagree:

now its original again and still broken :iagree:

officially no warranty oke :sad:

but a nice flash experience ritcher for my mental health :bigsmile: