The Time has come to Retire the Plex - Now What?


My Plextor PX-716 is now starting to burn very poorly on both CDs & DVD+Rs.

(I have a BenQ DW1655 that I usually just use for Scans of the Plex disks and disk to disk quick copies)

90% of the time I’m burning TDK +R Media (CMC MAG M01) with a smattering of Maxell (Ritec R03), Fuji +Rs, etc. I never had much luck with DL burning, not that I tried it very often on either drive.

So I guess I’m in need of a decent Burner. I’m certainly not “up” on current Models anymore so can you offer some suggestions?

I’ve noticed an imergence of LG and Samsung in my marketplace and wonder if they are truely the leaders these days. You can get a LG GH22NP20 PATA, or a LG GH22NS30 (Black) 22x SATA, or a Pioneer DVR-116D (Black) 20x PATA for ~$30 and a Samsung SH-S202J or a Liteon IHAS220 20x SATA for a few bucks more around here. A Samsung SH-S223F SATA Drive is about the same. Ditto for a n Asus DRW-20B1LT. (A far cry from what the Plex cost a few years ago! )

Both of my current drives are PATA (IDE) but I wonder if a move to SATA is desireable? My Motherboard (Asus P5N32-E SLI) has only one IDE Bus but lots (6) of SATA connections. (I only use 3 for Hard Drives.) I may be desirable to plug in an old IDE Hard Drive from time to time.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the assist.:iagree:

My three favorite drives at this time are the LG GH22, the Pioneer 216 and the Optiarc 7200. All solid burners with very good quality burns on most MIDs.

I would consider a Samsung SH-S202 or 203. Good all rounders and they can scan DVDs about as well as Lite-Ons (although without jitter) so you could reduce the workload on your Benq. NEC/Optiarcs can scan DVDs (& CDs) but they are not considered as trustworthy, although the AD-7200 series do seem to be a significant improvement over earlier models.