The "thumbs" file when burning with NERO!

Hi everyone,
I always wanted to know whatdoes this file exactly means.
For example when I burn a few video files from a folder on my hard drive
Browsing the same folder with nero I notice 1 more file beside the video files - a “thums” file

Does it really matter if I put the “thumbs” file or not when I want to burn all the video files from that folder?


Remove them, windooze uses them to index stuff…

The Thumbs.db file contains thumbnails of all images in the same folder. It’s only created if you view a folder in Thumbnail view.

You can safely delete or ignore this file.

i delete them when I see them because it annoys me, but if you’re the type that doesn’t like to mess with things, thumbs.db is also considered a system file. if you choose to hide system files in your folder options menu this also removes the file from view (along with the rest of the system files of course)

There is also another solution.

Open windows explorer and then select menu Tools --> Folder Options

See pic for more details :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies mates.