The Three cdfreaks questions

The three cdfreaks lies are:

  1. I got my NEC3500 for 39.95
  2. I’m just backing up my movies.
  3. Honest I was just trying to help those sheep over the fence.(Three sheep test I assume) :bigsmile:


Guilty on all count.

I paid $110au for mine in australia (Inc P&H) = approx $80 US = approx $35Euro/UK.

I am just backing up movies, although I’m yet to pay for a single DVD for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Not guilty of number 3. I’ll leave it to the N’zedders.

hee hee i got my NEC for free…:slight_smile: …well …i did ‘work out’ a deal for it…
number 2 …no comment
number 3 …* no comment* :smiley:

  1. Don’t got one.
  2. Yes. No really, yes. If you aren’t then don’t come here and talk about it, we do not condone such activities.
  3. LMAO, never seen a real one so I can’t say I have.

They are grotty, smell terrible & if you are brave enough to pat the :confused:wool:confused: you will end up with grease caked with dirt all over your hand. It smells awful & take forever to wash off.


They don’t look so cute close up :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I got mine for £50 ($95)
  2. Yes (a few months ago it would have been no)
  3. :confused:

Ben :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t have a NEC.
  2. Yep. :iagree:
  3. I really was trying to help them get over the fence, I really was.

People lie?

  1. I got my NEC3500 for 39.95

What kind of currency are we talking about? Mine costed € 99,95 though.

  1. I’m just backing up my movies.

That and more, so it’s not a lie :slight_smile:

  1. Honest I was just trying to help those sheep over the fence.(Three sheep test I assume) :bigsmile:

Never cared about the “magical sheep” tests. If you can’t burn it, it’s time to get another writer.


Mr. Belvedere

If you generalize, don’t forgot to use quotation marks: “CDFreaks lies”.

  1. got my nec 3500 for £49.50
  2. backin up films
  3. MMmm hideing in a hedge wearing wellies and clutching a lettice can be hard to explaine
  1. No NEC
  2. No movies
  3. No sheep around.
  1. I have ND-1100A and ND-1300A only
  2. I don’t watch movies.
  3. Never had any sheep or tried it.
  1. BenQ
  2. Lots of VCR tapes. Lots of broken VCR’s. @#^*(# blinking 00:00 every time the power goes off. 1 capture card that can’t understand what Macrovi$ion is. HA! No more rewinding! Oh, and recording movies from satellite is quasi-legal where I live. :wink:
  3. Don’t play computer games and will not date anyone who does (mind rot). 1 sheep=wonderful automatic lawnmower. 1+sheep=too much sheep crap! There is no copy protection that survives the capture card. And, yes I do back up my audio CDs because I don’t barbecue the originals in the hot car.

So, it is possible to use a DVD-writer legally. I’m saying “possible” (not likely). :wink:

  1. dont have an nec
  2. would but don’t have dvd-r yet :a :eek:
  3. whats a sheep? :confused: (joke) Don’t be so discusting lol :iagree:

they certenly know how to stop the little devils running away in australia :bigsmile:

I don’t think it could be anyone other than the infamous “Ewe Lew”.

What a great picture!!

  1. bullshit
  2. bullshit
  3. bullshit

The new zealand horses are the fastest in the world … cos they’ve seen what happens to the sheep :wink:

Yeah - don’t make us look bad! :stuck_out_tongue: