The thread on the second most important thing in the world, ESC 2006



Yeeees its that time again, time to prepare for the second most important thing (I realized the World Cup is this year, so therefore I downgraded it from the most important thing) of all year, the Eurovision Song Contest. Who will win and who will cry, how bad will the interviews in the greenroom be, what will the pause number be like and which winner will finally get to say THANK YOU EUROPE in worse or slightly better english?

Place your bets, and in the unlikely event that one of the songs listed above does not win, I will post morally implicating pictures of me, james4eva and a pet goat as we dress up in rubber body suits and do the town.

Mind you, one of the song above will win, thanks to my unprecedented taste for music and performance.


I miss the God Option :wink:


That is intentional, no “I just want to click some frigging buttons!!11one” for you!


You ba$*ard Airhead, you promised you would never release those photo’s into any public arena :eek: !!!

Regarding the pole though, shouldn’t you have options for,

(i) I haven’t got a clue what any of the songs sound like, and,
(ii) I couldn’t give a $hite what any of the songs sound like ???

Without these, how can I register my vote ? :frowning:



ok so i voted for the UK…:wink:


:bow: :bow:

:bow: :bow:

But if it’s anything like recent years, UK wont even get a single point :disagree:

I wouldn’t vote for them and I live here :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Hey, I didnt even include our contribution, we’ll get the shit kicked out of us in the qualifying. But dont blame me, I didnt vote for the fascist.


Go U.K…I like picking the underdog sometimes :iagree: …actually, I played eeny meeny miney moe and ended up getting UK :doh:


Go watch some Dschinghis Khan while you’re waiting


Me too! Except I used a slightly different strategy, or perhaps one of us just can’t count … And I got “Lordi” from Finland :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably my bad…I’ve been kind of retarded the last couple days :doh:


Bump with more finnish exquisities


Severina - “Moja Stikla”, Croatia : At least that doesn’t sound English :slight_smile:


Treble from Holland!


Now I have listened to Hollands contribution and unfortunately, it strikes me as no suprise their best odds are 50/1. Some bookmakers even give 100/1.


I’m voting Holland. :iagree:


That being said,the bookies have a very peculiar view on this years competition. For instance, they rate Sweden as number 3, which is a mystery to me. Carola, aka the witch who believes in “curing” homosexuals by evicting evil demons via exorcism (no, I am not making this up) should not get through the semifinal.

Greece is the universal bookmaker favourite, and it may win, but it sounds exactly the same as every single ballad ever, and it’s a ballad so I consider the odds to be minute.


in voice of scrapheap challenge
This is your slightly more than two weeks remaining warning people! Thank you!
Lordi’s beautiful video is on youtube. Also, I seem to have missplaced Belgium on my poll. I admit, we can never have too many pornstars in the ESC, and her song is quick and cheerful.

Lordi video is here

Kate Ryan is here

The rest is on Googlevid and/or Youtube. Just search, lazy bastards. Especially you Hemi!


Also, all you people voting for the UK, forget it. Not a chance. It will come last. Please. I only put it there since I was under the influence and thought Belgium was in the middle of alot of water.