The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)

I recently purchased this movie. It is a region 2 dvd U.K. version. It has never been available in the U.S. I attempted to make a copy. My region setting was on region 2. after burn I played the dvd in my region 1 player. I get only audio no video any ideas what I did wrong?

Welcome to the forum. What software are you using and are you using DL or single media? Post more info. please.

Hi tartarus
Region 2 DVDs use a different TV standard (PAL) than that in the US (NTSC) so the video is not suitable for playback on a NTSC TV. PAL DVDs will often play fine on a PC and there are players that will convert the movie so that it will play on either type system. You can also get conversion software.

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Thanks signals. That makes sense. It plays fine on my pc and I can drag the movie to my TV. So i’m only trading home theater sound for pc sound. I can live with this.