The things you don't miss the most



That’s a pretty confusing title for a thread eh? :slight_smile:

Over all the years your lifetime has been, you may have experienced wonderful things, but also things you hated, loathed or happily got rid of.

What’s the thing you actually don’t miss at all? Stuff you were smiled when it went away.


Around the Christmas in 1993, I had to serve. Dishes, rice, and such army food for the rest in the company (of nearly 100 in the field.) Hands frozen so I couldn’t eat when they were finished and by then I had to start cleaning.


2ndsign :wink:


hmmm…can’t think of any…how bout one about “the thing’s you miss the most??” :bigsmile:


Among computer things, some things come to my mind first:

5.25-inch floppy diskettes, small CRT black and white monitors, tapes, Tetris…


q1 ;(


Everything that is buried in the past.


i once had a boil on my ass dont think i’ll mever miss that couldent sit for a week!




LOL good memory there :iagree:


hemmoroid (the ex)


Awwwww, there’s so many options, so few choices :frowning:


i don’t miss my MIND …most…:smiley:


With only one choice, I couldn’t go past The Ex for my vote.
However, I certainly don’t miss the old 5.25 floppies. Especially the single sided ones. I still have one of those tools called a “disk doubler”. It was a little notching punch that put a notch on the other edge of the disk jacket so you could use both sides of the disk even though the second side was guaranteed to be without flaws.
All those things, like the 8086, were state-of-art at the time and were exciting for us techno freaks. So as time goes by, one gets a kick out of the memories of how we have progressed with the technology and the paths that have succeeded and a fascination with those that failed.
Great memories come to mind when I open various boxes and suitcases and find items like my old 300/300 baud modem! :iagree:


being stabbed


Mono sound :Z :Z


haha it was the first thing I thought of, There wasn’t even a pause it just came out. Who could forget all those aspi problems.


TV, flour, sugar, dairy, nicotine, drugs, alcohol. Dairy was the hardest to let go. Oh yeah I really do not miss the company of broken-minded alcoholics, but I do miss the hilarity.


The big number thread


Doesn’t your subconscious actually miss him though? :bigsmile: