The thick blonde is back! (shrink prob)

Hey guys and gals,

Yep it’s me, thick beginner Katie is back feels everyones eyes roll!!!

Well, thanks to the good people on this forum I’ve been spending a good few weeks burning dvds happily but I have come across a new difficulty.

I have two original dvd movies that will not back-up using shrink 3.2. When the disc is loaded into shrink and I hit ‘back-up’ it says the following :

“The current dvd size is too big! if you continue, you may not be able to burn the resulting files. Please ensure that video is set to ‘automatic’ compression or try disabling some audio streams. Are you sure you want to continue”

Right, I have tried everything to crack this so now I’m here begging for help.

I have tried disabling some parts but this did not work, and this is no good as I really need the extras etc as well as the main feature.

I have also tried using a larger dual layered dvd+9 but again, no go. When using this disc my burner seems to only recognise it as a cd-r. Do I need a dvd-9 as opposed to a +? Or is my burner incapable of burning using dvd9s?

I really have tried everything so I’m here to hang my head in shame and hope that one of you can help.

Apologies for the newbie-ness and, as usual, sexual favours will be given in return :wink:

Many thanks,

K x

could you post a screen shot of dvdshrink?

also if your prepared to use a dvd9 then try making a image with dvddecrypter and also burn by selecting the mds file so youy get the correct layer brake.


try slysofts clonedvd2 & anydvd, you can get a free 30 day trial.

Hey Ako, you’re the dude that helped me out last time! Cheers!

I cannot post screen shots, I’m a blonde bird!

Thanks for replying I will try the progs you reccommend.

Please post if you know the answer to my problem!


screen shots are realy easy, and would help us sort out your problem :iagree:

here`s what you do:

1, with dvdshrink open press, “Prtscr/print” button on your key board
2, open ms paint
3, click edit - paste
4, in the tools colum, click select (the rectangle made up of dotted lines)
5, use this to drag a box around dvdshrink (you don`t need the whole page)
6, click edit - cut
7, click file - new - when asked to save click no
8, repeate 3
9, click file - save as - name it and save as png format

then to upload it to cdfreaks:

1, click the advanced post button
2, scroll down to “manage attachments”
3, browse to file
4, click upload :smiley:

hope this is right


lol getting there :flower:

change the disc size setting to dvd9 - click edit - preferences.

Hey dude, been at the hospital this afternoon. Right, cheers, that worked for shrink, all files successfully encoded! However, when I try to burn in Nero it reads my dvd+r (dual layered 8.5gb) as a cd-r and will not burn. Unsurprisingly it will not burn using a standard 4.7gb dvd-r either.

i appreciate the help


Please, a little clarification. What is the disc? What burner do you have and which firmware?

Anyway, you can try to put this disc on a single layer +R or -R (as you want). To do this, you must do a two step shrinking.
It is very simple.

  1. Open your disc with shrink. Restore options selecting DVD-5 as target dimensions.
  2. On compression settings select “custom ratio” and move the bar on right to put compression around 85%.
  3. Click on backup button and ytou should receive the usual message that dvd size is too large. Ignore it and click YES. Save shrinked movie on a separate folder.
  4. After finishing, open shrinked movie with shrink and recompress with automatic settings.

This procedure is more time consuming, but you can put your movie on a single layer disc.

Trouble with this is that the video quality of a full movie (with extras , subs etc) when compressed to a 4.7GB disk can be pretty dreadful.

To determine the disc media get CD-DVD Speed & select the disc info option. This app will also tell you exactly what your burner is & the firmware version. I’m sure you knew this but just in case I’ve included it.

I am pretty new to DVD backups as well. I ran into the simular problem with a movie that was just too big, I beleive it was Sin city but I am not sure. The problem was that DVD Shrink could not compress the video enough but there is a very easy solution. Give this a try and see how it goes.

1.) Compress the DVD using DVD Shrink and point to a hard disk folder for the resulting image. When completed close DVD Shrink

2.) Start DVD Shrink again and this time use the open files button and point to the disk folder where you saved the compressed image. Then run the backup again and point to your DVD Writer for the resulting image.

That should do the trick.

Opps. Sorry ignore my last post my browser didn’t update and I thought I was the first one to reply.

Thanks for all the replies, I’ve tried ‘double shrinking’ but still no-go. I have no idea on burner or firmware (ask my dad!) so apologies for being dumb. Guess it’s just one of those things i’ll never get my head round


try changing the video setting from automatic to custom ratio and then move the slider tab until it fits.Untick any unwanted items i.e foriegn subtitles or if you have 2 or more audio tracks you could get rid of one of them too.

I would suggest having another crack at running the DVD through Shrink twice - there’s no reason that shouldn’t work.