The "The lots of posts with little context-thread"


Well i dont think so but ask your friend, then post on what he says

Who cares? Enjoy the moment :rolleyes:

ps: they don’t know squat what a disc has been through unless you mean that planted little chip they put on every disc and it flies off and kills you buy hitting you in the head through the eye :doh: Where did you ever come up with this BS :confused: You need new friend… one with real brains

I’m sceptical…

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

It makes you think doesn’t it! :rolleyes:

one born every minute :rolleyes:

ahh NO :disagree:
if your that wacko pay by cash then they can trace the bills :doh:
honest to god i think the world is going crazy

It only makes me think for about 3 seconds! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
And thats 3 seconds of my life wasted!

I think your " friend " is pulling your leg … can’t see how ripping a dvd could be perceived , laser is just scanning dvd same as if was play mode …


Copying a disk doesn’t do anything diffrent to it than reading it to play it. Infact that is all it is doing is reading it. Your friend is quite mistaken.

He is really mistaken.

:cool: :cool:

unless the government has secretly been holding back information on reading dvds so they can suddenly unleash a whirlwind of court orders and arrests… you have just given me an idea for a thread…

LMAO @ this thead

@ jppackham - Your friend is full of shit!

Next it will be the coming of the anti christ / im mean the rimm or what ever they call themselfs today. Im so scared :eek:

Totally wrong!
It’s maybe right if they’re observing you and in your apartment installed before little mini spycams in front of your computer, then yes. :rolleyes:

I better keep my mouth shut before i get in trouble and codeking sends me another nasty gram :iagree:

There is one thing that comes with age……and that would be indifference. Most of you are young and have your whole life in front of you. Me im on my way out

Sorry bkf, i’m not the youngest anymore too! :wink:

Hope everybody starts calling me Bk.
Bkf sounds so formal