The Temp folder

Hi guys,

Is it safe to delete all the files and folders in the Temp folder; will it hurt to the windows XP OS, or to the installed programs or drivers or anything?

The Temp folder that is located in Documents and Settings > Current User > Local Settings > Temp.

I just wanted to make sure that nothing will go wrong before I delete everything in my Temp folder.> Its size is about 100 MB.


To be sure to not delete some necessary files, you can use the “cleanup” tool of windows. You can find it right clicking on c: and selecting properties. It scan your disc searching for any unused temp file, and ask you to select what you want to delete.

It’s generally safe to delete the contents of the temp folder just after bootup and before doing anything. But there can be many exceptions, so best thing to do is following [B]Geno[/B]'s advice. :iagree:

Is there anyone who is completely sure that deleting all the contents in the Temp folder is completely harmless?


I’m completely certain that deleting the Temp folder contents of [I]my local profile[/I] is completely harmless, I’m less certain if the same could be said for you. :wink:

As already suggested, why don’t you follow the advice given by Geno? If you aren’t completely certain of how your system works, is it really wise to go and delete things? Seriously, that sounds like a potential receipe for disaster. It’s doubtful any harm will be done, but I’m not about to state that what applies to me will apply to you.

Anything you can delete in any temp folder is safe to delete.

Any file in use will have open handles & will therefore me locked, preventing deletion or renaming.

The easiest way to delete your temporary files is as geno suggested.

There is a temporary folder for every user on the PC, plus the windows temporary folder, plus an internet explorer temporary folder & also an undelete folder.
The cleanup wizard will get them all in one go & also offer compression for any files which are rarely used.