The tale of two BenQ's



With all the talk about bad BenQ’s I got curious to test my other drive to compare to my Nu Technology DDW-163 flashed to BenQ DW1620 B7T9. I wanted to see if the other drive exhibited the same clumping of PI Failures on Optodisc OR4’s. Turns out it does. One drive was made in Taiwan (The Nu Tech - at least apparently it was…) and the one drive made in China. Both were manufactured in September 2004 and originally came with G7H9 firmware so both obviously bulk or OEM drives. :wink:

First disc is from the Nu Technology and the second disc was just burned with the OEM BenQ drive that was a refurbished drive. Looks pretty similiar outside of the clumping of PI Failures on the OEM BenQ’s burn, however, I’ll say that this is normal behavior even on the other drive depending on the media used. Both of these BenQ’s appear to be functioning fine from what I can tell - maybe it’s the Malaysia drives having quality control issues…

Side note: Both of these discs were burnt at 8x using CMC Mag M01 strategy.

First burn can be found here:


Do those Optodisc OR4 discs play well for you in your settop player? I can burn them at 4x in either my Benq 1620 or Nec3500, and the scans look good. But they mostly do not play well in my settop players – skipping, freezing, the usual PITA.


They play fine for me, no issues on my stand-alones at least. One is a relatively picky Zenith Allegro ABV341 DVD/VCR combo, one is a AMW S99 unit, one is a GoVideo DVD-Recorder, and then my main playing unit is a Sylvania DVD/VCR combo (which can play a pancake probably…), they also play perfectly fine in my Xbox with a Thomson drive in it.


One of the Optodisc’s just skipped and crashed at the menu of the movie burned on it in my Sylvania. Really odd - first time I’ve seen that happen even from this media, bah, I have enough media that I can push these back for drive backups or something since there are only like 30ish something of them left and they were really cheap to begin with - $11.99 from Tigerdirect per 50 pack spindle. No CRC errors when doing a CD/DVD Speed scan so all should be well for pure data. :wink: Back to using up the last 50 pack spindle of my TY’s, hehe then I’ll be down to Ritek’s RicohJPNR01’s and Prodisc 8x DVD-R’s when they get here plus the 130ish some odd Philips 4x DVD+R’s CMC MAG F01’s I have left that burn extremely well and play back beautifully. I think I’ll be in good shape for awhile even discounting the Optodisc media. :slight_smile:


That was interesting (at least I thought so, hehe…), I re-burned the movie onto a TY and the menu still crashed although after starting the movie back up it played fine the whole way through. Seems like a problem with the original more than anything, just going to do a movie only backup and go from there.


from the scans it seems like you got two good ones…lucky


fear the snake …


I’m always swapping these drives around. Got the Samsung (my super fast no rip-lock from factory hint, hint reader) installed internally now and the one BenQ (the refurbed drive) thrown in the External Enclosure still flashed to B7T9 running via USB. I can’t get it detected via Firewire with B7T9 but it works fine under USB 2.0. Burned one of those Optodiscs as a “test” disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed and got results that were very similar to the drive being installed internally. :wink:


did you get 16x speed? if so, which specific case did you use. i am thinking about getting a 716a and putting my 1620 (when i get it back) in an external case.


I haven’t tried at 16x. I don’t have any media right now that burns consistently well at 16x so no point in testing. It did 8x ok. External Enclosure I have is a Plumax Firewire/USB 2.0 (PL-3507 Prolific Chipset). It read up to 14-15 megabytes per second off of my Samsung through DVD Shrink which is excellent speed.

Quickly adding: I’m not real pleased with the overall design of the case itself. Useage wise it works fine but the construction is pretty miserable as far as taking it apart and putting together again. It’s “screwless” outside of the mounting screws on the bottom of the drive but to hold the case together you have 2 side-brackets that form into the overall look of the case and they are such a pain to get off. I don’t use them now and probably won’t unless I have to make the drive mobile again. I just have the top sitting on the drive loose so I can take it off if I need to.