The Taiyo Yuden FAQ



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hi, really new to this printable cd & dvd…

can i know other than using the software to chk the manufacturer for the disc so as to ensure not to get fakes or imitations. how do i check or read more abt which manufacturer it comes from directly from the packaging? so i know i’m buying the real ones from taiyo yuden… or maybe from other brands as well…

is there any difference in checking for cd and dvd?


There no way to get 100% guarantee for proper discs but as long as you don’t go for the cheapest and you stick to recommended sellers i’d say you should get the right discs.
[B]Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are NEVER the cheapest discs you can get[/B] and if you find them pleasantly mid priced you should read very close or ask here :slight_smile:


Yesterday I bought in a german e-store called “Saturn” the attached TDK Cakebox. Are that Taiyo Yuden DVD’s?


No, that’s a normal cakebox. It looks like it’s from Moser Baer India, and most likely TDK003. It’s good for everyday usage, but stability is questionable.

[B]That’s cakeboxes[/B] look like this one:

Watch out, these are not a guarantee for TY media because some companies, especially Platinum/Tevion/Bestmedia have cloned this style (however the Platinum fakes are of lower quality and you can feel it).


Agreed, but beware of possibly confusion when you use “that’s” and “That’s” in the same post with two different meanings. :wink:


Let’s call them “TY cakeboxes” then :doh:


Okay, thanks for your help.

It would be very helpful if you tell me a german online retailer who sells Taiyo Yuden DVD+R.


Are you sure that you want to order from Germany?
All shops in Germany are required to pay a GEMA blank media levy that increases the prices noticeably, but does not skyrocket them as in some other countries.

There’s the Gropp-Shop for example, if you want a German shop.
There are also several shops in [B]Luxembourg[/B] that [I]may [/I]be cheaper because they don’t have to pay the GEMA fees.


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There are several retailers from Luxembourg such as Tomdax, Damrotech, shoXX, xmediatrade and Nierle (listed in no particular order) that mostly cater to the German and French markets.

The product palette that is offered by them can differ a lot by stores, you better find out by yourself which store you like :slight_smile:

#294 (in Dutch, but shop/warehouse located in Germany) also sells genuine TY media at a fair price, might give that a try too


Does anyone know where I can still find TY white inkjet printable DVD-R that have the same hub size as the silver inkjet printables? I realize that most people prefer the hub printables; but I have some old discs that I want to back up, and their labels were the old style that weren’t print to the hub. And for aesthetic reasons I’d like to replicate the original labels. I’ve tried the silver inkjet printable TY before, and found the hologram look to be a bit bothersome; I’d really like to find white if at all possible.

I’ve asked this question on another forum, and was directed to try the MIJ Panasonic white inkjet printable -R – and even though they are hub non-printable, the hub is still smaller than the silver TY (the hub size more resembles Verbatim). I’d really like to stick with TY, as I just don’t trust the qualities of other media codes. Does anyone have any idea of any brands and/or stores that still have genuine TY white printables but have the same size hub as the silver? I’m in the US.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!


In Australia, we have TY that is 8x “OEM” TYG02 and full printable.

Does anyone know how good these are?


If genuine, they are good. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t “full printable” mean hub printable? I’m actually looking for the ones that are [B]not [/B]hub printable – like the TY silver, but in white.


Ok, I have recieved my 100 “Full Printable” (Hub Printable) TY TYG02 8X OEM dvds.

They have a batch code of GG000283 on the back.
On the front on the inner ring where it is transparent, i have 3 “codes”.
One is 3E7, another is a really long one, and then i have the 3E7 printed again ontop of the long code (making the long coder harder to read…)

Do i have Geniune TY (i believe i do). From what i’ve read, only Value Line TY have codes printed on of eachother…and i am sure i dont have Value Line. I bought “OEM” which is suppose to be above Value Line… can anyone confirm/ giv more info?

From Australia btw… thanks


The GG000283 code means they are genuine Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R (TYG02)! :iagree: