The Taiyo Yuden FAQ



Those are usually good YUDEN000 T03 (batches TH000020 or TH000021) with excellent scans similar to good T02. :slight_smile:

If you have a recent burner, I’m sure it will like these.


Ordered a cake box here and the code on the CD says EA77200286580. How do I know if these are legit? I assumed there were from Newegg so I shouldn’t have to worry.


I just bought some TY02’s from for $83 per 100, shiny hot printable oem. Bonus 100 TY ceramic cd’s sealed the deal.


Whoops! I think that should read TYG02, DVD-R.


Who could clarify in detail a problem of “apparent slip in TY DVDR 16x quality” or give links to read?


I’m new to this forum, so please bear with me as I ask a question which I feel some members may find boring and/or annoying.

After looking at several threads on a similar subject, I decided to pose my Taiyo-Yuden CD-R identity question here for several reasons, hopefully the right ones.

I received a cake box of 100 CD-Rs today from an eBay Power Seller with an excellent (99.9% Positive) rating. Here’s how they were advertised:

[B]100-pack Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R Silver Thermal Lacquer Blank CDR Media Disk sealed in cake box /Made in Japan[/B]

The Taiyo-Yuden logo was also displayed on the auction page.

I need some piece of mind before I commit some precious photos and music to these discs.

• On the inner hub is the following code: 80 PG7494

• There is no [I]other[/I] visible code anywhere on the disc, at least not that I can see.

• The cake box was shrink wrapped, but only on the bottom 2¼ inches.

• The underside of the discs are light blue.

Since the seller only offers a 7-day warranty and return, I’m anxious to be reassured, not so much for the money, but for the quality and integrity of the media.

Thanks very much in advance for your assistance.



80 PG7494 is a genuine TY stamper code. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the Silver Lacquer surface is quite sensitive. If you want something more solid, use the Printables instead.


Thanks very much, kg_evilboy. I appreciate your prompt response very much.

So, there’s nothing to worry about, based upon my description and code?

By the way, I paid $19.99 + s&h for this 100-CD cake box.

I’m careful with my discs and use an appropriate marking pen, but will likely score some printable TYs for “special” archival use. Thanks for the tip.


well, would you please specify the exact batch that you’ve bought?! under what brand was it sold? as the info is now a bit outdated… and i’m wandering the site with no trace of TY media!!!

i’m intending to order some TY -/+Rs (Preferrably T02 or TYG02) from the UK, so hopefully somebody has more recent info, SVP is quite expensive!! as i’m searching for some 100Pack under £20.0 :(…

would any gentle Englishman/woman help me in this :bigsmile: *** staring at [B]Arachne [/B]& [B]Delvious[/B] :flower: :flower: :flower: ***


I’d recommend the printable T02 from SVP if they still have them, but I think they cost me a bit more than £20 :frowning:

As for Topdiscs, never shopped there, so can’t help :(…have you tried ?


ummm… no TY made except for the TY made by TY, which is quite expensive for me :(… :(… trying the old TY recogntion procedures but failing due to the lack of a graphical overview…

so, anybody knows in about any brands Made by TY?



cooool!!! thanx for the links :bigsmile:
well, there’s around £3 difference between the Maxells and the Panasonics… is it cause of the printing suraface thingy? or should that mean that the Max’s are coming from a higher quality TY production line? or even that Maxell is only a Greedy supplier!!! :rolleyes:


I guess it’s the printable surface. Maxell and Panasonic TYG03 are roughly of the same quality.


ummm… ok then… i think i’ll go for the cheaper… i don’t have a CD-printer after all :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx [B]kg[/B] :slight_smile:


heh I just realised the 16x dvd blanks the company I work for uses are true TY discs. Everything checks out.

TYG03 16x DVD-R
batch code: GH000168
4 digit code: 1019
Code in clear hub: KC725A304628GH

They have a printable surface on the top and a dark blue/purple dye on the bottom. These discs seam to be directly from TY. We get them in 100 disc packs, wrapped in plastic, with stickers on the spindle holes. The stickers say:
Taiyo Yuden
16x DVD-R

One end is just a clear protective disc, the other end has a label thing with warnings in different languages. At top it says: DVD-R16x for Professionals. At the bottom is has a gray text that says:
Made In Japan
Manufactured by Taiyo Yuden Co. LTD


Wow, I’ll have to look where the media in the company I work for comes from. Thanks for reminding :slight_smile:
(Right now I’ve not seen any CD and DVD media at all, only paper and pens…)


i was wondering if anyone can check this one. im looking to buy a pack of 100 TY. The site says they are “Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7G 8X ValueLine Silver 100pack (Original, Made in Japan)” and the picture of the pack is this . Can you guys tell me if they are real or not.


I’ve been ordering all of my TY media from blankmedia dot ca in Canada. Has anyone had problems with media ordered from them?




I am looking for the best quality CD-R Audio (for use in a standalone CD-recorder) there is. Price is no issue.
Is it Taiyo Yuden? Or maybe Mitsui, or Ricoh, or?

Which make, which brand,which type, how do I know it’s not a fake of a make, where do I buy it.
No nonsense from Holland.