The Taiyo Yuden FAQ



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Here’s another one for your list:

Dataware 8x DVD-R spindles of 50 & 100 made in China, MID is TYG02. These are definitly fakes, they burn crappy on Pioneer 112 and NEC 3500. Plextor 716 with autostrategy has better results, but nothing like real TYG02. The discs have a strong peach smell and no batch code. They’re sold in Canada by Future Shop.


We all know T02 is the best among T02, T03, TYG02 and TYG03. In my experience the TYG02 comes as the second. I’m still doing the test try to find out the third and fourth.


I have a question, maybe someone knows:
are the YUDEN000 T02 and TYG02 discs still being produced by TY? Or have they already stopped their 8x production and now produce only the 16x generation discs?


IIRC they still produce at least TYG02, and most likely YUDEN000 T02 production is continuing as well. :slight_smile:


Maxell still uses TYG02 for their Plus Series. I know that, but there are rumors that they’ll be switching back to MXL RG03. Perhaps due to halted TYG02 production? :eek:


DVD-R 8x are still produced by TY. You should be able to find them.


I bought 100 Taiyo Yuden’s 16x TYG03 for £17.66 including Delivery. Good price?


Very good price! Check the hub codes to make sure
they are genuine.


Yep checked and look genuine.


Care to share your source aswell ? … Even SVP don’t sell them that cheap :frowning:


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Here in Germany in a Shop called MarktKauf i saw Verbatim DVD+R 16x 50pcs cakebox Made in Japan. Could it be Yaiyo Yuden? I did not buy them, because of the price of 25 euro. In online shops i can buy a cakebox for 16 euro, but problem that you dont know what you get ^^
Till now i always got Verbatim 50pcs Made in India.

I do not even have a drive for quality scan.


It’s some time ago but I still want to thank you for this URL. Lately I ran out of my Verbatims and ordered 100 printable Taiyo Yudens 8x (YUDEN000T02) at this adress and they were delivered only a couple of days later. I paid 41.61 Pounds for them (61.85 Euro’s), which is a bit more expensive than the Verbatims but OK, considering the quality. So, let’s hope for a burning future without problems :smiley:


I have a 100 pack of the same printable T02’s from SVP, they burn great. I’m sure you’ll be happy with them, the majority of burners seem to like T02s. :slight_smile: