The Taiyo Yuden FAQ

The Taiyo Yuden FAQ

Version 1.04

I couldn’t have made this short FAQ without the great help of all the other CDfreaks/MyCE members. Thanks to everybody on these forums, especially to authors of TY-related threads, which brought valuable information to us.

  **EDIT DrageMester 2006/06/13**

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What’s this TY all about?
Taiyo Yuden is a Japanese company which invented the first recordable CD. The media quality of Taiyo Yuden media, which is made by the subsidiary That’s Fukushima, is often considered to be superior to media manufactured by other companies.

Taiyo Yuden media is much more widespread on the Japanese market, where it has 60% market share. If the packaging says “Made in Japan”, it will definitely be TY with CD-R and possibly be TY with DVD media (but it can also be Matsushita/Panasonic, Maxell, Sony, Unifino, Kitano or Ricoh). Taiyo Yuden media is only made in Japan.

The “That’s cakebox” (with codes like FIC-2A, FIC-1B, 2A, A or B on the top) is a clear sign of TY media, unless those are clones (see below).

Which brands are selling Taiyo Yuden media?
Note: The older, slower 4x and 8x DVD media has largely vanished from the shop shelves; the information will be left here for reference only.

Disc Impex (Greece)
Disc Impex ( is a Greek distributor for Taiyo Yuden and That’s media. Disc Impex branded Taiyo Yuden media comes in two flavors: Ceramic Coat and Blue.

Fuji (Japan)
8x DVD-R
MIJ + 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

Fuji (US)
8x DVD+R
MIJ + Standard Cakebox or Color Disk Tower

8x DVD-R
MIJ + That’s Cakebox or Color Disk Tower

Fuji (Europe)
8x DVD+R
MIJ + 25 pcs Standard Cakebox with gray base
MIJ + 5 pcs cardboard box with jewel cases
MIJ + Amaray DVD video box

8x DVD-R
MIJ + 25 pcs Standard Cakebox with gray base

Fusion (Korea)
Fusion ( is an official distributor for Taiyo Yuden media in Korea.

JVC (Europe, US)
JVC Advanced Media Europe is Taiyo Yuden’s European subsidiary. All recent JVC media (16x DVD+R, 16x DVD-R, 8x DVD-R DL, 52x CD-R) is made by Taiyo Yuden.

Please note that older JVC media that was made/sold before the 2009 takeover may have been made by MJC (Singapore) or Wealth Fair Investment (China) instead.

Maxell (Japan)
MIJ + ?

Maxell (US)
4x DVD-R
MIJ + 15 or 25 pcs Cakebox

MIJ + all cakeboxes
Maxell Pro CD-R
MIJ + Maxell CD-R for Music

Maxell (Europe)
4x DVD+R
MIJ + Shrinkwrap (5-color disc)
MIJ + 25 pcs That’s Cakebox
MIJ + 5 pcs cardboard boxed, in “regular” jewel cases

CAUTION: 8x +R and -R media can be Ritek, even if the packaging says MIJ.

Maxell Colour CD-R 80XL 48x

Miflop (Spain)
Recent Miflop Extreme media should always be TY.

Panasonic (US)
8x DVD-R
Small Packs of Slim Cases

Panasonic (Europe)
4x DVD-R
Box + 10 pcs Slim Cases

8x DVD-R
MIJ + 10 pcs That’s Cakebox
MIJ + 25 or 50 pcs That’s Cakebox (printable)

16x DVD-R
MIJ + 10 pcs Slim Cases in shrinkwrap
MIJ + 25 pcs cakeboxes with gray bottom + clear shrinkwrap

Plextor (Europe)
Recent Plextor media (4x/8x/16x DVD+/-R and high speed CD-R) should always be TY, in a That’s cakebox with printed shrinkwrap or jewel cases.

Sony (Japan)
8x DVD-R
MIJ + 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

16x DVD-R
MIJ + 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

Sony (US)
8x DVD+R
MIJ + White Round (can also be SONY D11) or White Octagonal Spacer

8x DVD-R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

16x DVD+R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

16x DVD-R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

TDK (Japan)
8x DVD-R
MIJ + 30 or 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

16x DVD-R
MIJ + 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

MIJ + 10 pcs That’s cakebox

8x DVD-R
MIJ + That’s Cakebox

8x DVD+R
MIJ + That’s or Standard Cakebox

TDK (Europe)
8x DVD+R
Jewel Case (can also be MBIPG101 R04, CMC MAG E01, or TDK 002)

8x DVD-R
5 pcs Jewel Case (can also be TTH01)

16x DVD+R
25 pcs That’s Cakebox + White Octagonal Spacer under a White Round Spacer with clear shrinkwrap
50 pcs That’s Cakebox + Light-Blue Round Spacer with clear shrinkwrap

48x CD-R
That’s 50 pcs Metallic Cakebox with printed shrinkwrap

That’s (Japan)
That’s is Taiyo Yuden’s own brand, available in Japan (distributed by START Lab), Korea (distributed by Fusion) and Greece (distributed by Disc Impex).

Victor (Japan)
8x DVD-R
MIJ + 20, 30 or 50 pcs That’s cakebox
MIJ + 5 pcs Color Mix slim cases/shrinkwrap

16x DVD-R
MIJ + 50 pcs That’s cakebox

MIJ + 10 pcs jewel cased in cardboard box
MIJ + 10, 20 or 30 pcs That’s cakebox

Verbatim (Europe)
4x DVD+R
MIJ + 5 pcs Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap

4x DVD-R
MIJ + 5 pcs Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap

8x DVD+R
MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap
MIJ + 5 pcs Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap

8x DVD-R
MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap
MIJ + 5 pcs Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap

16x DVD+R
MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap
MIJ + That’s 50 pcs Cakebox with printed shrinkwrap

16x DVD-R
MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap
MIJ + That’s 50 pcs Cakebox with printed shrinkwrap

40x/48x/52x CD-R
MIJ + That’s 50 or 100 pcs Pastel Disc Cakebox with printed shrinkwrap
MIJ + That’s 50 pcs Extra Protection Cakebox with printed shrinkwrap (rare)
MIJ + 10/20 pcs slim cases in shrinkwrap (Pastel Disc)
MIJ + 10 pcs “Live it!” Music CD-R in jewel cases

(Note: If you’re looking for more brands in Japan selling TY, you might
be better off with other pages like this one specialized on media codes in Japan.)

Media codes
Even if DVD Identifier or another informational program detects your discs as Taiyo Yuden made, they might be fake! You need to check the batch code to be absolutely safe.

TAIYOYUDEN 2x DVD-R (batch code: GBxxxxxx)
TYG01 4x DVD-R (batch code: GDxxxxxx)
TYG02 8x DVD-R (batch code: GGxxxxxx)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (batch code: GHxxxxxx)
TYG11 8x DVD-R DL (batch code: BGxxxxxx and CGxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T01 4x DVD+R (batch code: TCxxxxxx or TSxxxxxx, depending on revision (T01-000 or T01-001))
YUDEN000 T02 8x DVD+R (batch code: TGxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T03 16x DVD+R (batch code: THxxxxxx)

Generally, TY DVD discs have three codes, a four-digit number, a eight-character batch code (which are both located in the outer hub area) and another code in the transparent hub.

Taiyo Yuden CD media has a frosted hub and two codes, a long one printed right into the frosted hub and a short one in the dye area (usually 80 PGxxxx, 80 PCxxxx, 80 PDxxxx or 74 PGxxxx).

If the codes in the transparent hub are double printed/overprinted, shorter than normal or do not exist at all, you might have value line media. Value line media does not necessarily have those special hub codes though.

Fakes and other stuff
There are two kinds of “fakes”. One type of fake is the cakebox clone, making novice users believe that the product is made by Taiyo Yuden when it, in fact, is not. The other type is borrowing the media code.

Faked discs with borrowed media codes are a double evil because the customer is misled and the drives will write to the disc with a TY strategy instead of the correct, customized strategy.

Nobody has yet bothered to fake the stamper and hub codes, so these codes are safe to check with. Genuine TY media smells like peaches, because they’re made in Fukushima, Japan, which is known as the “Fruit Kingdom”!

Cakebox clones
Amazon Basics: TY cakebox clones, but Umedisc (Hong Kong) media inside.
BestMedia/Platinum, 25/50 cakeboxes (Germany): All of them are TY cakebox clones with clear shrinkwrap, but mostly CMC and Ritek. Aldi South media also comes in TY cakebox clones.
Maxell 16x DVD-R, 50 cakeboxes (Canada): TY cakebox clones, with “Maxell” engraved on the top, but PRODISCF02.

Fake media code
Many companies have been abusing Taiyo Yuden’s media codes, especially TYG02 and YUDEN000 T02 codes, to “improve compatibility” of their products. However, most of the fakes are of extremely low burn quality and may suffer from fast degradation. Many fakes are made by Hong Kong-based Infosmart.

Taiyo Yuden manufactures media in Japan only, so any media from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau with a Taiyo Yuden media code is most likely to be fake. Media codes are not licensed by Taiyo Yuden in any way. Generally, Hong Kong made DVD media often is of very questionable quality and should be used with caution.

The full list of brands and disc types can be found here: Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens.

An excerpt of the fake and suspicious TY-selling brands list:

1media 8x DVD+R/DVD-R
Azul 8x DVD+R
Budget 8x DVD+R/DVD-R
Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R
Clas Ohlson 8x DVD+R
Datawrite RED 8x DVD-R
Define 8x DVD-R
Disney 8x DVD-R
DGM (Digi Media) 8x DVD-R
Dupsonic 8x DVD-R
Egital DVD-R?
Euro Top 8x DVD-R
Fortis 8x DVD-R
Gigastorage DVD-R
Gigatain 8x DVD+R/DVD-R (also known for fake MCC and Ritek)
GQ “Great Quality” 8X DVD-R
GreatAZO 8x DVD-R
Hawk 4x DVD-R
Hyundai 8x DVD+R/DVD-R
Imjet 8x DVD-R
Infosmart 8x DVD-R (at least the printable version)
Intenso 8x DVD+R
Kapi 8x DVD-R
Kodak 8x DVD+R
Laser 8x DVD+R/DVD-R
Legacy 8x DVD-R?
Masterbit 8x/16x DVD+R?
Matrix 8x DVD-R
Medstor DVD-R?
Mercury 8x DVD-R?
Mirror 8x DVD+R/DVD-R
Moviestyle 8x DVD-R
Müller 8x DVD-R
O1NE Movie Style Yellow 8x DVD-R
Office Depot 8x DVD-R
Red Budget 8x DVD+R
Sky 8x DVD+R/VD-R
Sonic 8x DVD-R
Sundisk 8x DVD-R
Vanguard 8x DVD-R
Windata 8x DVD+R

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I certainly enjoyed that - great info there…maybe Franck or one of the other Blank Media Mods could make it a Sticky?


Just to add the verbatim pastel X8 are also ty mij here in the uk

I now its almost impossible, and too much work, but some pictures, on TY brands packs, would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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“8x +R = MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap, or MIJ + Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap”

Thanks, but I already had that in my list.

Nice job!

Damn! I really needed that edit button, because I forget the media code TAIYOYUDEN 2x DVD-R (batch code: unknown).

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Excellent work, kg_evilboy!
I’d like to add my vote for making this a sticky thread.

I’d also like to add the following based on personal experience:

Verbatim (Europe)
8x -R = MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap, or MIJ + Pastel Disc Shrinkwrap

16x -R = MIJ + Gray Bottom 25 pcs Cakebox with clear shrinkwrap

Excellent job!!

Send them a PM with the whole post (not just the edited ones) so they can easily copy and paste to the first post.

I would also suggest you give a release date in addition to the version number. Perhaps a sample of TY/That’s cakebox picture would be nice.

Great job on putting this FAQ together, I know I will reference it often.

Brilliant job kg_evilboy! :slight_smile: :iagree: :smiley:

In the fake cakebox section you mention [B]Aldi South[/B]. Is this the actual brand of the media?

I too have bought media from Aldi under the [B]TEVION[/B] brand (8X +R, [B]CMC MAG E01[/B]) with a very crappy That’s cakebox clone.

The plastic was so mal-formed I had to cut down the side with a craft knife to get the discs out (which are of very poor quality BTW!).

Again, thankyou for taking the time to put this together. :slight_smile:

An edit buton would be great, it’s hell trying to browse the TY fakes thread for new info. Editing the original post post would be much more effective. :iagree:

Yes, those are Tevion brand (sold by Aldi South). If you look at you’ll see that there are two separate companies with the same name.

The clones are made by BestMedia/Platinum, a German company which is well-known for selling all kinds of B-, C- and Z-grade media. I would even rate Memorex or imation higher.

@ kg_evilboy,
Thanks for the FAQ, now I know what I’m looking for. Can you clarify a couple of things?
When you say cakebox, do you mean the old fashioned cardboard protective containers that are generally wrapped around a shrinkwrapped stack of discs?

I assume that the others mentioned (e.g. Sony US 8x-R = MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer) are in plastic spindles.

If these are correct, could you clarify with “cardboard cakebox” or “plastic spindle”, etc. for us understanding impaired folks (please note my sig :o )

Cakebox = plastic spindle, as I understand it :slight_smile:

Hehe, when I first heard the word “cake” (as in “cake box of discs”), I was like, “whaaaaaaat?!”. It sounded so funny :bigsmile:

If you’d like kg_evilboy you can add something to that list regarding the fake cakebox. Well actually i’ve one of these fake cakeboxes. And the most important point for me is the size here. You can see that the real one is higher than the fake one on this picture very well. Both are 25pcs spindles.

The 25 pcs TY cakebox apparently is actually a 30 pcs cakebox with a bigger spacer.

Anyways it’s sold under 25pcs or do you’ve seen 30 pcs spindles by TY? :wink:


30 pcs cakeboxes seem to be more popular in Japan, I’ve also seen 30 pcs imation cakeboxes.

Ritek are made in Japan?