The system cannot find the path specified

Hi everybody,

 On my wife's computer with one of my movies.  When I tried to use either 

DVD Clone(with anydvd) and DVDShrink, the error message came up that the system could not find the path specified when I tried to copy the movie. When I got her the computer, everything worked fine. Ok, I did install a better dvd recorder and put in a basic pioneer dvd rom drive.

Do I need to reinstall all my software to make it read correctly.

Welcome to CDF’s:

Did you choose the correct DVD drive with the VIDEO_TS folder on the disc?

Or am i reading your question correctly?

Yes I checked that. Oh, by the way I do have a license to dvd clone and anydvd.

I will recheck it again to make sure, ok.

I do too :wink: Anyway you are talking about CloneDVD2 you get from Slysoft aren’t we?

one more thing, when using dvdclone, it would not let me even copy it directly to hard drive.


Anyway, co-workers that know a lot about pc’s so they say, said I needed to reload my software.