The Sycophants

I’ve noticed that on other boards where CD/DVD media and technology is discussed, there seem to be a group of people who have been anointed as holy experts, while all anyone else ever does is kiss their ass and tell them how brilliant they are. It’s nothing but a cult of personality and a bunch of sycophantic followers.

You’ve got the Digital Dolphin on RedFlagDeals, LordSmurf on VideoHelp, docTY on AfterDawn, and SlickDeals seems to be the place where all the school dropouts gravitate to.

What I like about this board, is that there seems to be much less of this kind of behavior than anywhere else. People seem to actually think for themselves around here, and we have a range of experts in all sorts of areas. No one person gets to sit up on the throne and act like a king, and there are no simpleminded yes men or women here.

Thank you, CDFreaks.

Yes, there’s a lot is talented and knowledgeable people on CD Freaks. Some of the people on here blow my technical knowledge out the window. I’ve been on many types of forums and this is by far my favorite…no contest. I like everything about CD Freaks. The people are decent and the administrative style has proper balance and real class!

…and I mean that in a non-sycophantic way :bigsmile:

/me sits on his throne :wink:

But seriously, glad you enjoy it here. This place wouldn’t be what it is, if it wasn’t for all users together…from the first-time poster to the veteran.

lol :bow:

/me pushes Tax off the throne

Sorry, it was just waiting to happen :bigsmile:

^ a coup d’état!!! :eek:

Yo Arachne-

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The cat who would be king! :bigsmile:

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The pun probably wouldn’t have worked with ‘Queen’ unless I had explained it. :wink:

Queen Arachne working hard supervising all the CDF sycophants. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, I was just kidding, I’m not the Queen of anything :disagree:

Great pic though :bigsmile:

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another thread taken over by cats…cats all over the place…
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I think what sets Freaks apart from the rest, is the fact that by and large, the mods and regulars here that have alot of knowledge are also pretty good-hearted and humble people. I don’t want to start naming names because I’m certain I’ll leave some key people out by mistake, but let’s just say, there are reviewers, firmware developers & media testing junkies that give so much to the forum, and ask positively NOTHING in return. (At least to the best of my knowledge.)

Humility and general, “niceness,” seem to be the accepted norm around here, and it really is contagious.


ROTFLMAO :bigsmile: