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Dear all,

Due to the earthquake near Taiwan island, the internet from China to other countries is broken, almost completely. It will be hard for us to provide support in time, but we will try our best, thanks for your understanding.

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I’m very sorry to hear of this: two dead and 48 injured…I fear this count will increase, how sad. I hope your family and friends are safe.

Just looking at some of the news articles now…2 of the 7 main undersea cables are damaged…no report on how extensively.

Good luck and our thoughts and prayers are with you all… :flower:

Hi maineman,

Thank you! We are in Beijing, and it’s safe here.

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Thinking of you over there, Fengtao.

Glad your all right, we understand, and will be patient.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Take care, Mike

My best wishes for all of you.

Fengtao, glad to hear you’re safe.

Fengtao, my prayers are with you and everyone there.

take care…

Great to hear everyone is ok, stay safe our prayers and thoughts are with you all!

Hey another newbie here. I have used DVD Fab faithfully.Great program. Much thanks to its makers.I have a question. I have tons of vcr movies that i want to put on dvd. Will dvd fab help with this if i can hook a vcr to my computer. I have a HP media center, 820 intel pentium D,1.0 gb memory. 250 gb hdd. Can watch and record live tv on it. This is a great site. I had same problem with SAW 3,I know they will get this fixed.Thanks for everything. :clap:

hey pontoonboater, you might want to try using Roxio Easy Media Creater for the conversion of your vcr movies to Dvd, but the quality from VHS to DVD I think will suck!

thanks siggy…figured as much. I actually have a lite on dvd copier that i can hook vcr through and have copied some vcs tapes to dvd with it…but youre right even with it quality sucks.i figured MAYBE with computer and a great program i could improve the quality.whats funny,even with some verrrryyy old vcs tapes when i try to copy with the lite on machine i get error message saying its copy protected…guess that stuff goes way back huh…thanks

Good luck my friend, glad to be of service :smiley:

If you have enough videos to justify, you can purchase Liteon LVW 5005 standalone recorder/player that firmware can be flashed to remove the macrovision copy protection that was used on VHS movies. Also it will play almost every DVD you try to play in it. Also there is a section om Main Page of CDFreaks that explains changing the burn with one made for a computer if one in the recorder goes bad after a lot of use. There is also a section on modified firmware on that page too so it is possible that you may be able to upgrade to a modified FW to the burner you now have in your computer. I got my Liteon LVW 5005 for around a hundred bucks shipped. One of the best purchases that I have made because I use it as my main player and to check burns that will not play in other 2 players. You can also record off your TV.


:slight_smile: Ya beat me to it Mack :bigsmile:

Analog macrovision and copyguard are contained in the vertical blanking interval, which this unit strips and regenerates. It also does PAL/NTSC conversion. There used to be commonly available “video correctors” that did the same thing minus the PAL conversions for $20-50. The Sima unit in the link above may be available cheaper elsewhere.

Where would you get the firmware update for the Liteon LVW 5005?

thanks mac…i have a lite on lvw 1107 hc1 stand alone…can the copy protection be removed from this?