The stupidest thing you did as a kid

I’m sure I’ve asked this before … but hell, since I seem to be in staggering around memory with no cross-roads in sight … and no map (eek) … I thought I’d reminisce on some of the stupid things I used to do as a kid (gee I miss those days … back when everything healed in a day :wink: ).

The stupidest things I did as a kid …

Hooooo boy! The list is soo long … where do I start …

Arr … here we go.

Climbed up on the roof, with my arms through a plastic bag handles & jumped off the roof! Woooot! Ouch!

Built a plastic bag balloon with a few candles … woof! If it ever got off the ground … (which it didn’t) I still think it would have gone down in flames.

Lit up a couple of dry bushes (in a field full of dry bushes) with matches … 20 seconds later, after handing the matches to a “not so bright friend” and not paying attention to him … and 30 minutes of stomping later … the fire was eventually out.

Toffees! Although I still maintain it was my mums fault for letting us cook them … not paying attention … and finishing with more toffee covering the kitchen than actually in the paper :iagree:

Swinging HUGE arcs on high swings & then leaping off to see who can get the furthest :slight_smile:

Feel free to list yours :wink:

Umm, I have about four, probably more later…

1-I once tried to jump off a diving board, but I was trying to jump from far back on the board, so I fell, smacked my stomach and head against the board a couple times, and then flipped and back-busted on the water.

2-I once rode my bike down a steep hill with no brakes, and there was a large hole on one side of the bottom, filled with muddy water. Guess where I landed.

3-I once, with a few friends, tried to make a flamethrower with some gasoline poured down a tube and a match. The flaming gas spewed out all right, but it ignited the gas can on fire because my retarded friend left the can sitting there. So, I kicked it into a nearby stream. What I didnt know what that gasoline floats on water, so we had a flaming stream that led into a large stream, and the gas can was still on fire. By the time that we recovered the gas can, it was charred to a crisp…

4-This one was actually prior to the gas can accident, but I just remembered it. While me and my friends were experimenting with gasoline, we tried to make a molotov cocktail. I didnt do much in this one, I just made the molotov. One of my friends grabs it, lights it, and tries to swing it around to throw it. The rag comes out, and flaming gas spews on my other friend, who is standing nearby. It only hit his pantleg though, thank God. My stupid mistake was that I didnt shove the rag down far enough:p

We used to do that all the time as kids. One time, the kid next door decided to do just that on the swing in my garden…jumped off…two broken wrists. :eek:

Hmmm, let me see.
The stupiest things I did…
1> Put a hair needle into the walloutlet and got shocked by doing it as a 1 year old (lucky me that it was my right hand and that we have 100V in Japan and not 200V as in Europe)
2> Poured Coke, sugar and some dish washing soap into my teachers car…well you can imagine what happened to the poor teacher on the highway on is way home…
3> With some friends: we did steal some chloroform and wanted to do what is done in every movie…we just wanted to test it on a not so bright friend, but you know in reality its not like in the movies where a drop of it would do it…
4> At school I and some friends sold a not so bright guy who wanted to be coolest guy on earth some flour mixed with very effective laxative as MDMA because he said he was doing it all the time. He bought that stuff for about US$20 which he thought was very cheap. After taking it he proudly told everybody that he is feeling high because of the drug he took. Well the laxative did its job and the poor guy had to sit in the toilet during the whole morning and missed a exam…
Well thats about it…

Why of course! It’s mandatory! You MUST jump off and measure your length. Very important that. Measuring length.

We used to take Rifle shells and pull off the Bullet and then light the powder on fire while it
was still in the casing.

I think I was maybe 12-13 at the time (that was in the late 70’s)

just a few off the top of my head;

-checked to see if a soldering iron was hot yet by touching it
-put my hand behind my back to break my fall at an ice rink, and thus fracturing my wrist

Painting most of my little brothers toy cars pink, thinking he would never want to play with again so i could have them. My mother made be wash off every spec of paint from every car and grounded me for a week.

I remember my mum used to spank my brother with her wooden spoon …
So one day (at 3yrs oldish), he decided to be a smartass & snapped her wooden spoon in half …
So after that, she just used her hand … immediately after that & afterwards, I should say :wink:


Heh she ended up with a broken hand?/ he twisted her arm? lol

No, but I bet she was worried. He was bloody strong for a kid :stuck_out_tongue:

growing up. Being a kid today would be a blast.

If they could tear themselves away from the TV/Computer.

I don’t know what it’s like in the rest of the world … but most of the stuff I did as a kid has now subtly been made illegal with the plastering of “No” Signs everywhere.

You’re not even allowed to play footy on the beach anymore!
No wonder kids are running around breaking peoples windows.

They’re not allowed to skateboard, play footy, take the dog for a walk in the park …

I mean for f@#ks sake!

Oz has turned into the nanny state.
Oops … time to get our diapers changed …

Around the age of 10, a friend and I “salvaged” a large number of pallets from a local grocery store and built a boat/raft/watercraft? Our objective was to be able to fish back towards the channel bank reeds and marsh grass, rather than wading in the muck and scaring the fish…
A whole bunch of pallets later, and about 50# of nails, we launched with tackle boxes and fishing rods at the ready…Things were going great for about and hour and then Bobby asks “Are we sinking…?”…"Not that bad, it’ll stop…"
When the water hit our knees it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t going to stop…
As captain I had to go down with the ship and I did, at least until it reached my waist… :eek:
So I guess you could say that I am also a shipbuilder…

LMAO! :clap:

No wooden spoon for me - I got the back (not bristle side) of the hairbrush, across the back of the thighs.

Hurt like hell.

3rd Time Thread topic…

I didn’t do many really dumb things as a kid (mainly because I knew what my parents would do to me if I got “too bold”), but there were two things:

  1. I climbed atop an A-frame swing set, above the side with the two-kid swing carriage. I put my thumb into the swing mechanism and OUT came my right thumbnail BY THE ROOTS. It regrew just fine in 4 weeks though (just had to soak it in hydrogen peroxide for a long time).

  2. Wasn’t “stupid,” but it was a “stupid” result. I was trying to catch one of the somehow “feral” kittens of the female cat we tamed at our house in Michigan. The goofy woman helping to try to catch them couldn’t hold on because the kitten (the one that was jet black with green eyes) clawed her (she didn’t think to wear gloves like I did). I chased the kitten up to the hay loft, where there was an old wood and glass screen door; the kitten skittered across the glass and I followed, knees first. The glass supported my weight for about 1.5 seconds and I almost had my hands on the kitten… then it gave way, and I had two glass shards in both knees, right above and beside the kneecaps on each leg. :eek: As it was my 4th set of gashes, I wasn’t worried, but my mom freaked out, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

my brother is 10 years older than me so growing up he was oh so cool…he had a skateboard that he NEVER let me play on…this one sunday morning we were all dressed for church…and i asked he was thinking theres no way shes got time …so he said sure i could…so i go out in the garage…we lived on an incline and i jumped on the board and started down the drive…i didn’t see the gravel on the drive and went sailing through the air…i’ve still got a scar in the middle of my hand where i had one inbeded …:wink: i had to change clothes for church and went with skinned kneeds and bloody hands…:slight_smile:

Youre lucky. I got whatever my mother could find that was nearby and was usable. I eventually outsmarted her though by carrying wallets in both back pockets.

I didn’t feel lucky :disagree:…and considering she used to smack my bare thighs with it, the wallet option (which is a very good idea) wasn’t open to me :sad: