The strangest thing about your past @ school

Today many strange things are happening in schools. One of the most spread is that two 13- or 14yo girls go to the bathroom, one of them gets nude, the other makes a movie of her undressing (and sometimes dancing) with a mobile phone and then the movie is sold to some boys for 5 or 10 €. What a business! The fact is that professors don’t do anything to prevent this – they allow girls to go to the bathroom in couples, even if they know that this might happen (reported by a friend of mine whose 14yo daughter doesn’t do this, but hears schoolmates talking about this very very often).

I haven’t done any of this when I was younger, actually. (I’ll be 21 on the 23th of this month :slight_smile:


I cannot deny that when I was at the Italian counterpart of the high school (the one before university) some strange things happened…

the most funny is that in the 4th of 5 years my class was given a version (I don’t know if that’s the right term, but in Italian a “version” is a text that you must translate from Latin to Italian :slight_smile: talking about sex.

Obviously no embarrassing words were present, just some… uncommon ones. At a distance of more than 3 years I still remember commotio that meant climax. And I was the only one that translated it correctly! My classmates tried to translate it with another words, but the professor was strict – climax was the only right one :):slight_smile:

So what are the strangest things you or someone did @ school ?


Killing the teacher for crossposting :wink:

Borrowed my Algebra teachers Mitsubishi Eclipse:)

[QUOTE=jhtalisman;2080678]Borrowed my Algebra teachers Mitsubishi Eclipse:)[/QUOTE]

With or without consent? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Da_Taxman so what does crossposting mean ? i dont know the meaning :frowning: