THE strangest idea ever, two screens in one!

Sharp engineers have really put their mind into creating something unique, and now they have come up with a screen that shows two images depending on your view angle. So what is this good for? Well, you could watch two different programs on the same TV (providing you have two other TV’s to connect your wireless headphones to :D) or something. Probably Sharp just thinks its funky.
I think so too.

Very funky. I guess porn at one angle and fishing for beginners at the angle your parent will walk trough the door at :stuck_out_tongue:

And what about speakers direction??

I don’t know… it doesn’t seems a great idea to me… i like to have my 5k€ tv just in front of my eyes!

What about two porns at the same time…


Could be useful for some games but the second screen (the morrored one) is horizontally inverted (or more likely the picture a photo shop cut’n’paste).