The State of Texas allows blind hunters to use lasersighting devices?

I dunno if I´ve missed something , but this seems a bit…:rolleyes:
I hunt myself but i´m not sure I would do it in Texas after this?

uThe legally blind hunter must carry proof of being legally blind” :eek:[/u] :confused:


Soooo yeah. Texas. Not suprising, as it is texas and it is made up of texans. And mexicans. Mostly mexicans.

Airhead, you live in Sweden so you have no right to post your Dick propaganda. I live in Texas, Great state. Oh and whats wrong with Mexicans? Are you some type of racist? You probably never even talked to a Mexican before. The president in my opinion is great. John Kerry would have never succeeded, he would have pulled the troops out and then we would have terrorist running a muck, on Europe and the US. So don’t post this crap if you have no clue to what is going on. BTW, I am not 100% pure Texan. I don’t listen to country, I don’t wear boots and a cowboy hat, I don’t talk southern (because I’m not). I am British, but I have lived in Texas longer then I did in Britain. I’m 25. Lived in Britain for 5 years.

Only someone from texas would say little bush is great when 80 percent of americans and 100 percent of the rest of the world know he should face a Jury for what he has done.

Oh come on… are you seriously saying that no one except a Texan may make a joke (and that’s really obviously what it was) at the expense of Texans? :confused:
As I remember the whole of the US was making fun of Dick Cheney after the shooting incident. Lighten up a bit because it seems like you’re just trying to be offended by that post :iagree:

There are plenty of threads having a joke at the expense of the Swedes; posted by gasp non-Swedish people oh the insult!!

Yeah, great idea.
Lighten up :iagree:

You cant be serious.
Jay Leno and most comedians had more fun with Cheney over the shoot out at not OK corral than the above post.
As an American, i can say you dont speak for me.
Is it something in the water in Texas.
(Hey, did you know that the Dixie Chicks are from Texas.)

I did went out and purchased the dixie chicks last cd the first day walmart had it and called every radio station in the area to play not ready to make nice. And I do not buy cds at all.


I am a Proud American - and a veteran - and I honestly think that ‘w’ and Chaney are jokes - using their positions to profit themselves and their associates on the backs of the American people-

Hope they impeach the folkers-eh!

me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wow, so. All you really said to me was. Blah-Blah. Bush is retard. Something about those dixie chicks. 80 percent of Americans hate bush. Good logic there, considering you probably got that info from a primarily democratic news station. I’m not even republican, I am independent. I vote for either which one. I believe in stem cell re-search. I think partially belive abortion should be legal, because it is not our right to tell people what they can and cant do, It is their option. But in the end you just got to remember that baby will never see that light of day and go painless instead of dying by drugs because their parents hate them. Bush isn’t the best president. I never said that! Quite frankly I think he is ok. I voted for him, because the guy who was running independent was worse then Kerry and Bush combined. BTW Jay Leno is a retard. He isn’t funny any more. It is like all he has to talk about it politics and quite frankly I am sick of politics. It is in music, movies, and even games. For example Green Day sucks now, they went all it is time to insert our thoughts about politics. The funny thing is the only time they will bash bush is when they are in Britain. Dixie Chicks were ok and keep in mind I hate country. Now it is waaaa Bush is horrible boo-hoo. I say let music be music and let movies be movies. Stop bashing bush. It just makes you look

Because a vast majority of them are illegally in OUR country. They have more freedom then the citizens of OUR country. They don’t pay taxes like Americans. They use OUR US dollar to support their families in Mexico (ever seen 15 Mexicans send money to Mexico via Western Union at the same time? I have. Every Friday. For 3 years.). A good deal of them refuse to speak or learn OUR language. Bush’s “solution” to curbing immigration from across the river is a joke.

And just to clarify, I am not prejudice. I have NO problems with people from countries other than ours being here as long as they are legal, law abiding citizens who at least attempt to blend in with the rest of the American society rather than be one of the ~11 million who don’t.


You are SO correct in your observations-

Thank you-eh!

Good for you. So do I, does that mean I can post it?

He never said there was anything wrong with them.

Make up your mind already. One minute you dont like Bush bashers and he is great now he is just ok. :confused:

And you know this how? Whats your source?

Why even post this?:confused::rolleyes: Neither you nor I know exactley whats going on now do we. I watch the news as I am sure alot of people here do, but how do we know that our government is telling us everything.

Personally I found it funny and I am from Texas. Dallas to be exact. I have doen the whole country bit and have hauled hay, worked on the far, in the garnden and rounded up cattle etc, etc, etc… And yes I do have a southern accent and I dont wear a cowboy hat like in my younger days.

No one said he was a retard. If he was he wouldnt be where he was at i life. If you would notice by the popularity poll on Bush he isnt that much of a favorite of the people anymore.

Dont sound like you are going to vote democratic anytime soon. Whats wrong with a democratic news station? Probably the same as a republican, they all have their own slant to them and their own objective.

Who was talking about stem cell research or abortion? This thread was about something other then what one personally believes in politiclly or not.

You made this thread more political then anyone:clap:

Very well said. Here is something for you to read on Id33k. Talking about haveing more rights the ones own citizens. As an American when you have to travel you have to have all the proper paper work/visa and etc when going out of the states but yet not the other way around.

I will say this. By no means am I racist, but I do feel that it does hurt the economy, but I wont discuss this as it not political forum

Now back on topic. :slight_smile: Im glad I dont hunt anymore. :wink: Kinda scary thinking about it but at the same time it is interesting to see what technology can do for the less fortunate that may not be able to do the same as others.

Dick Chaney is probably behind this so he can be cleared to hunt again. Hopefully he doesn’t shoot anymore of his “friends”. Just Weasel Jr :doh: .

I agree. :smiley:

Soooo. Yeah. Texas. It’s made up of Texans. But mostly nice mexicans.
Better? :kiss:

Damn Texans with their damn laws and their gun-toting habits. Makes me wanna them chew them up and them some. Them crazy mexicans should be shot on sight. Perhaps them can apply for the sense of humor. Them things you know. Like totally awesome. You know, dig them Dixie Chicks, but Bush is like stupid you know. I mean, he’s from Texas. Wonder if them Cheney folks are blind too. Them.

Hail to the Swedish Ex-Moderators, for them are them true supreme beings in them world. Everybody knows them. Them.

Umm… no… What I said was that you can’t take a joke. I notice you didn’t deal with that one :wink:
Actually, I’ve changed my mind: I think you’re really quite a humorous troll… some examples:

Good logic there

Logic huh??? :confused: You managed (single handedly) to side track a humorous satire thread about hunting rules in Texas, into a political rant about Bush / Stem Cell research / racism etc, and you’re complaining about other people’s logic?? :clap: :stuck_out_tongue:

It just makes you look un-original.

Sarcasm Oh yes, I find that adopting a reactionary view point often makes me seem [I]so[/I] much more original, and the envy of all my friends, when thinking about serious world political issues… :bigsmile: