The Squid & The Whale back-up problems!



the latest Sony protection?

got an original copy of The Squid & The Whale (Columbia/Sony, of course).
used nero (and AnyDvd)- everything seemed fine- made 2 copies…BUT the copies START on chapter 7??? 1st 6 chaper are missing? 35 mins of the beginning of the movie are NOT there??

tried playing the original DVD on several of my standalone players in the house & there’s NO problems- plays fine w/the 1st 6 chapters?!

used windows media player on my laptop & 2 desktops- & it also starts on chapter 7? then rebooted the computers & they played fine from the chapter 1. but when tried using nero again, the movie starts on chap7 again?

tried DVD decrypter & then nero imagedrive method- decrypter craps out 1/2 way through?? even my disney dvd’s works this route!!!

some sort of recognition on this dvd copying - which makes it jump the 1st 6 chapters?

this is really bugging me…

anyone out there can help?? squid & whale will be released mar 21/06.


@ dealmeister,

Suggest viewing the Forum Rules ( Doubling posting is against the Forum Rules. You have posted this thread in the Copy Movie Forum and also stared another thread in the AnyDVD Forum concerning the same issue.

I have already provided a response to your posting in the AnyDVD in the “New Sony Copy Protection !” thread.

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