The source image format is not acceptable. (error code -2)

Just about any AVI file I open in virtual dub (which is the recommended avi encoding program), gives me that error. I have the codes because I can watch the movies. Any problems? I would also like to know if it’s not too much problem, what compressor to use when cutting the avi file or if I just want to re-encode it, leave it default? or select an option? if I leave it, will it use the same codec the video is encoded with?

VirtualDUB does NOT handle VBR MP3 audio nor AC-3 audio. These would have to be the 2 most common audio forms used in DivX’s these days. Simply use VirtualDUBMod instead.

so virtual dub does not handle mp3 but is the best encoding program for AVI’s what the hell?!

VD doent handle VBR MP3, but does CBR MP3. As I said, just use VirtualDUBMod as its a Mod-ified VD that can.

I would like to know if there is a way to fix the audio from an avi file or just remove it and re-encode it then add it back. I have avi’s that shows an error saying “VirtualDub has detected an improper VBR audio encoding in the source AVI file and will rewrite the audio header with standard CBR values duing the processing for better compatibility.” Does that mean VirtualDub can’t re-encode avis with audio encoded with VBR? if so how do I change it to CBR or other.

I found out that the problem is not that the file is VBR because CBR files shows that same msg too, the problem is that the video codec is a divx. at least all divx3 that I tried shows that msg “the source image format is not acceptable”.

Then you dont have a DivX3 compliant codec installed, suggest installing the ffdshow filter.

As I’ve said 1000 times before, VirtualDUB CANNOT handle VBR MP3 audio, use NanDUB instead, thats what EVERYONE else does.

I installed the file ffdshow-20040828.exe still either on virtualdub - the mod - nandub, still shows “Video source avi error: bad format” and I can’t re-encode the video on any of those programs either altough nandub could open the VBR file since virtualdub couldn’t but still can’t edit the videoo!

Thanks a lot! NanDub can handle VBR.

I installed VirtualDub - Mod - Nandub and none can’t edit the AVI file because of the “Video Source Avi Error” the AVis with VBR could open in nandub but can’t can’t edit it because of the divx codec on the video!, how can I change it please?

Uninstall all DivX and Xvid you have installed, including ffdshow, then re-install ffdshow.

Can you post here what GSPOT reports on the AVI for Video & Audio streams.

Sure my friend I will uninstall everything, here’s the screnshoot:

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@ ChickenMan
Actually you’re wrong, installing ffdshow wont help at all since it doesn’t support VFW (only DShow) by itself which VDub uses. Afaik VirtualDub does handle VBR audio tracks (decode only) but it’ll warn you about audio skew.

@ PsxCopyGamerGuY
Just because you can watch it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have VFW (Video for Windows) support which most applications use to edit/convert/read video files except for media players. I do happen to know a nice little installer which solves most issues although you need to deinstall filters/codecs etc.
I know, I know, codecpacks are bad in general but this is a good one.
So, what does it support (it’s preconfigured)? Well, DivX 3, 4, 5.X and XviD both in DShow and VFW using the standard settings (“Lite”). FFDShow is used for 4,5 and XviD in DShow although to get VFW support it forwards those formats to the XviD codec. 3.11 is still handled by the old hacked codec which is way better than FFDShow’s support.
Oh yea, you probably want to use VirtualDubMod too (yes, it supports VBR MP3 tracks).

so you’re telling me to unistall FFDShow completely and install all the codecs from this one? Also virtualdubmod still shows that msg with VBR videos and ask me to rewrite header, so how came you say it supports vbr? I know nandub can.