The sound and image are totally off balanced



the sound is like too fast and the movie itself(images) are way slow… when I turned nero 7 and saw the preview(the movie in computer) before I burned, the image there was slow as well! However, when I used nero showtime to watch it, it was fine… everything runs smoothly but nero 7 became handicapped in burning. When I turn the burned movie by nero for example: when they say “hi” in the movie, the image comes way later when they are suppose to say hi


I think it is not Nero problem, looks like you have CODEC problems. Try to uninstall some of your codec packages (K-lite, or similar) and install only one package. I prefer only to have one codec packages (K-Lite Mega Pack in my opinion).
Or the problem is that you haven’t got any codec packages, so donwload one (K-Lite Mega Codec Pack), it’s freeware and you can find it easily via googling…
Also, the problem can be with your processing power, or lack of memory, also maybe your dvd reader is a bit slow, or media isn’t properly cleaned… :stuck_out_tongue:


i haven’t install new codec for awhile, since it was working just fine. I burned like 6 copies of DVDs; then suddenly one day, Nero reads film too slow when it is reading the sound fine.


Looks to me like Nero needs to be reinstalled, or the codecs are corrupted…


I recently upgraded to Nero 7 (ultra, enhanced) from Nero 6 and now I have the unsync’d audio and video problem with both Vision ( and Showtime ( that didn’t happen with Nero 6 Vision.

After totally uninstalling Nero 6 with clean registry tools, the only codec changes I made were Nero 7 install related.

With Vision I can check the unsync behavior before burning when running the “Test” remote control. When running Showtime I can see the video slowdown somewhat but the audio keeps on pace. Windows media player and VLC have no sync problems with playing the source video.

I usually retrieve TV shows from the internet and burn them to DVD with Nero Vision. When I run Gspot on one of these files, I see the Nero Decode 2 audio code having trouble, but feel it’s really a video (Xvid 1.2 SMP decode) issue.


Nero Vision (my opinion) is very processing and memory RAM dependant, so if u have some unnecessary process running in background it slows the playback sync (from my own resources). So, i suggest you to try run some proggy (like Word or even Photoshop) parallel and you’ll see if it lacks some memory too.
If it is, then your system is full of some processes that stops continuos playback. That can be the problem…