The Sopranos Seasons 1 - 5 on Dvd 9 Disc?



Hi i was trying 2 back up all the Sopranos Dvds on 2 DvD=R DL Verbatim disc…Im using an external Hp DvD640e Lightscribe DvD writer w/ dual Layer Capability . i was wondering since Dual Layer Disc are exspensive whats the best program 2 use 2 do this ??? … im kinna new 2 this so im not really sure what 2 use … I tried backing up the Sopranos dvds using DvD shrink and didnt like the picture Quality…so really what im asking is whats the best program 2 use 2 Back up the Sopranos without any loss of picture Quality ??? thats 1 of the reasons i bought the dual layer disc so i could copy the whole disc … Thank You Joe


… well if you want to back up all the sopranos onto two dl disks you will have to accept the loss of quality, as all disks in the sopranos are dl… if you are saying that you want to back up the sopranos onto 5 dl disks, download the trial of clonecd, then rip to hard disk, then write onto one of your dl’s


You could also use DVDDecrypter in ISO mode (it is no longer developed, but you should be able to find it on the net) - or as stated above you can use AnyDVD/CloneCD combination - both will keep the layer break in the same position.


Rip your dvd’s with FairUse dvd ripper, then burn the .avi files as data on your dual layered disks. end of story.


keep it simple dummies.


Avi files??? Do you have any idea how long it would take to convert to avi only to put it back onto dvd? It would take about 3-5 hours to encode into avi, but only about 10-20 mins to transcode into a dvd format.


If you don’t convert them to .avi or .mpg then you won’t be able to fit 5 seasons of the sopranos on 2 Dual layered discs.
You have to get them down to 150-200 meg files then burn them to disc as backup.

If he wants to back up the discs he either has to use more discs to back up all the shows or he has to convert them.
If you want to simply copy the dvd’s you probably won’t be able to fit all the eps on 2 dual layered discs.

Nevermind the fledgling computer geeks on this site who think they know something. …


@james84… dont keep insulting the people on this site calling them noobs and geeks, when all they are trying to do is help the people who ask questions. FYI i believe his queston was regarding how to put the videos onto multiple dual layer disks. If he was interested in putting multiple disks onto 2 dl disks he could use dvdremake pro, which would do it in a fraction of the time it would to make an avi.


No one called the poster the noob. Those who replied…yes.

Storing those episodes as data on your computer in addition to having avi/mpg on discs is far better.
And that method wouldn’t even take that long for christ sake. Perhaps with much slower computers you would have problems, but thats not a problem I have.

I am starting to actually wonder who if anyone on this site has actually worked on or repaired optical drives.

This may be your hobby, but don’t act the authority on such matters.

I would wager I know more and I’m probably 20 years younger than many of the people giving advice on here.



urgh… yes, converting to avi would be a good solution for storing the movies on your computer, as it would save space, but DaT_BoY_J is trying to back up the sopranos onto dvd 9. Converting to avi only to put back onto dvd is a waste of time. As i said before dvdremake pro is a much easier and quicker alternitive. And yes it would take that long, as you would have to rip convert, reconvert, create a menu then burn, while with dvdremake pro you would just rip, open the files, backup and burn