The sonydvd rw u10a whats best media+any new firmware



have the oem sony multidrive bundled with my pc.1,what is the best media. bought some called monarch general use ver2.0 for 30pounds 50dvdr- seem to fail even when they record at 1x.are datasafe any good to use with these sony drives2,looked on the sony site and could not find any new firmware upgrades.colin



First,check your Firmware.For the UW10A you need 1.1c.This is the lastest avaible.Sony gives no Firmware support for the Burner.
Thats why you havent found one…

Get the Firmware 1.1c @

For your question about DVD-R or +R also check this side,there are many users that posted infos about your probs.



I’ve used Monarch media with my Sony DRU500a… fine up to 4Gb.
You can if your lucky get bigger file sizes, but I dont recommed even trying.
But they are VERY cheap .63p each at
A 4Gb DVD, movie only, (dvddycript + dvd2one) gives excellent results everytime. If you want to put the menus & extras on you will need a much better quality DVD meda (TDK)
One more thing, the Monarch media will burn at 2x no problem.