The Software Police vs. the CD Lawyers



I just posted the article The Software Police vs. the CD Lawyers.

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Source: Ubiquity

Ubiquity (An IT Magazine and Forum) has an article about the software police vs. the CD Lawyers. It is written by Dan Bricklin who is related to the SPA…

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Is it just me or did this guy miss the point?? Isn’t software illegally used by on average 75% of people? that’s the last stats I heard on it


Imeké¤é¤ kaikki GYRPé„é„! Vitun né¶rtit!


yea… tru dat nila

this guy thinks he got it all figured out…
ahh well



Hey Danny Boy! or what ever the fuck your name is, why don’t you shove your pathetic, lame, half baked theory and shove it up your ass. Judging by your sorry ass two bit story, it is pretty obvious that you haven’t a fucking clue about, what you claim to be such an expert at. Any further discussion to state the obvious in a stupid fool like you is a total waste of precious time!!!


si alguin sabe donde puedo encontrar los controladores de la unidad de dvd favor de indicarme donde porque tengo problemas con esta chingadera :B :c


I’m pretty satisfied with mine, but the DVD ripping is slow and it doesn’t support disc quality scanning. Only weaknesses I’ve found so far. It’s a good CD ripper for Exact Audio Copy because it doesn’t cache. The read offset is +102. The write offset is +30. I thought I was going to have problems when Nero only offered 4X speed to burn a Verbatim 2.4X speed dual-layer DVD+R. But, the burn came out better than from my old drive at 2.4X!!!