The small history test

I only know that Homer Simpson and Luke Skywalker did exist…? :confused:

My sincere apologies that i mixed up those two. Guess he’s not the far right one on Mount Rushmore. :slight_smile:
Feel free to edit that comment out the explanation post.
But hey, not bad for a European dude eh? :slight_smile:

hold up…Luke Skywalker does exist…

I never heard about Robert Frost, Chen Xin Mao and Captain Quaker
The fictional ones are according to me Forrest Gump, Mr Hyde and Luke Skylwaker.

And who the hell marked Homer Simpson as fictional ??? I just saw him loosing weight when Bart and Lisa went to Kamp Krusty

We in the USA have Quaker Oats with Captain Quaker on the round container :wink:

Great movie and he is real :doh:

Homer is real we graduated high school the same year :doh:

I’ve seen him on TV and on my cig packs for years now :Z