The small history test

Today i read the shocking news that English students don’t have to learn about Sir Winston Churchill or Hitler anymore in history lessons. They alson don’t have to learn about Mahatma Gandhi, Joseph Stalin and Martin Luther King.

Shocking! :eek: What can we learn about our future if we don’t understand at least some of our past?

So, which of the people in the following poll have you never even heard about? Tick all options on who you think never existed (movie, literature, games, etc) or have never even heard about.

The past IS our future,we learn ,we do ,we correct and do again…

ok i voted for Luke Skywalker…but wasn’t there a singing group that had a a guy called luke skywalker and the 2 live crew?

I voted for all the ones that I think never existed / never heard about… but was tempted not to vote for Homer Simpson because he really, really does exist in every act of stupidity that can be seen anywhere in the world on a daily basis :iagree:

Wasn’t sure about Roentgen though - did you mean the radiation researching Nobel prize winner? I thought it was Rontgen… but being taught about it in the UK, they probably changed the spelling to make it more English :rolleyes:

edit - I like the fact that quite a lot of people don’t think Tina Turner is real :bigsmile:

Well, actually according to the wikipedia:

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (in English: William Conrad Roentgen

Ok, I take back all the bad things I said about my teachers :bigsmile:

I don´t know how I missed Forrest Gump…I swear I just overlooked his name when ticking the boxes…it wasn´t deliberate. He wasn´t real.

I wanted to keep the Malboro man however…he was “real”, in that there really was a “Malboro Man”, who was one man I think, who did the ads for years (until he died of lung cancer!)

Homer…yeah…I agree with Prof.

its a shame that most us citizens couldn’t even pass a Citizenship test

but Canadians are not any better off

5 practice questions

maybe we spend too much time on the internet and not enough learning about the world around us…

OMG…I´m not Canadian, but…

I cannot tick any of them :sad: :bigsmile:

I can’t believe that really… I did the Canadian citizenship test a couple of years ago, and it’s very very easy.
You’d have to try pretty hard to fail it.

Jay Leno has his “Jaywalking” skits and when he asks people questions about history, more than half of them fail the easy questions.

Oops … missed the never existed part :stuck_out_tongue:

same here…i haven’t heard of three, so i guess my history teacher did pretty good…just one thing…who was hitler again?

Hitler?Isnt that the small dude with a funny hat an a umbrella,walking swinging sideways??

No, hitler was one of the lead characters in “Hitler & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.
It was a cult movie in the early 90’s :stuck_out_tongue:

as in all testing methodolgy, phrasing of the question is critical

fictional vs real characters was how I read the poll

I voted for 7, including Hamlet, there probably was a Hamlet, but proving it is something else, and then he was probably called something else

hey cool! In the “corrupt a wish” thread, i wished i could be a wookie earlier tonight…and here’s “dachew” :bow:

So, who does exist and who’s fictional?

Adolf Hitler 0 0% : Yes, he actually existed. Tried to make Germany the only country in the world.

Winston Churchill 0 0% : Yes, he actually existed. Stopped Hitler while drinking whisky and smoking cigars

Mahatma Ghandi 0 0% : Yes, he actually existed. Stopped violence by protesting in a non-violent way. One of the few to succeed until he was killed.

Joseph Stalin 0 0% : Yes, he actually existed. Some russians want him back as their dictator, but he’s dead.

Martin Luther King 0 0% : Yes, he actually existed. He had a dream and died for it.

Theodore Roosevelt 0 0% : Existed as well. Was a nice president, until he got so see a play and got killed

Ceasar 0 0% : Yes, he was there. Roman emperor who was stabbed in the back, quite literally. You can still visit his grave in Rome.

Nero 0 0% : Yes, he was there as well. Didn’t like christians and burned them, including a large part of Rome.

Albert Einstein 0 0% : Genius and weirdo at the same time. Discovered E=MC^2 by asking himself what would happen if a person would travel faster than light.

Captain Quaker 17 85.00% : There’s Captain Crunch and Quakers, but no Captain Quaker. Completely fictional and not even a cereal.

William Wallace 3 15.00% : Yes, he did exist. Mel Gibson painted half of his face blue and acted like he was Wallace, but Wallace himself did exist. He wanted freedom and died in pieces. Literally.

Aristotle 0 0% : He was there. Famous greek wise man. Also the first name of a famous greek oil baron.

Plato 0 0% : Wrote a book about Atlantis. Though Atlantis was never found Plato did exist.

Tolkien 0 0%: Tolkien is an actual person. Famous English teacher in literature and was so fond/crazy about languages he invented a couple and wrote a book about some Hobbits. Read the book and you might want to kill Peter Jackson.

Roentgen 5 25.00% : German who discovered x-rays or roentgen radiation. His ideas are still used today in modern medicine, though the doses are less lethal than in the beginning.

Forrest Gump 13 65.00% : Life is like a box of chocolates. That’s crap and so is this guy. Fictional character that is supposed to be a humongous influence for all famous people he ever met. View it as a “look what we can do with special effects!”-movie, not as a “can they fuck up history even more?”.

Benjamin Franklin 0 0% : This guy existed and once got the bright idea to go kiting in a thunderstorm. He almost single handedly invented the American Nation we now know as the United States. Franklin knew a lot, read a lot and did a lot. He invented stuff we still use today. Best thing of all he cared about people and did a huge amount of work to ensure all people have the same rights and values. We honor him by putting him on a bank note.

Chen Xin Mao 2 10.00% : Popular artist you might never have heard of. :slight_smile:

Homer Simpson 15 75.00% : Creation of Matt Groening. Saved his life and made him rich.

Marlboro Man 11 55.00% : Tricky one, but there is no actual Marlboro man. There were more actors. There was a guy with a cowboy hat smoking cigarettes for Marlboro. Every one called him the Marlboro Man. Got even more famous when one of the guys acting as the Marlboro Man got lung cancer and sued Marlboro. Also the name of a movie character.

Robert Frost 4 20.00% : He existed. American poet.

Dick van Dyke 0 0% : Richard Wayne Van Dyke got famous from his Dick van Dyke Show, Mary Poppins and that annoying doctor in Diagnosis: Murder.

Sophocles 4 20.00% : Actually existed. Was a Greek who did a lot of drama.

Tina Turner 0 0% : Duh, exists. Go to a music store if you don’t believe me.

Hamlet 9 45.00% : The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. One of the greatest plays of all time. But he didn’t actually exist.

Luke Skywalker 14 70.00% : Luke Skywalker is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe.

Mr Hyde 12 60.00% : Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. First schizophrenic.

Charles Dickens 0 0% : English novelist. Wrote a lot of books.

Cicero 4 20.00% : Existed. Invented Latin language.

Woody Allen : born Allen Stewart Königsberg. Got beaten up as a kid, went write a lot about comedy and made a lot of very weird movies. Woody Allen has won three Academy Awards and been nominated a total of 21 times.

I guess that was in his earlier life as Abraham Lincoln?! :wink: