The Six Million Dollar Home Theater

The Six Million Dollar Home Theater

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Jeremy Kipnis is a very interesting guy. With a background in recording, engineering, audio and video inclusive, he has been immersed in music and technology all his life. With a World Class opera singer grandfather, and a father who was a highly trained and talented musician that also became deeply involved in the recording industry. A close family friend was Henry Kloss who, along with Ray Dolby, was a pioneer in taking audio and video technology to constant new heights. So the fates were on the side of Jeremy being both passionate and obsessed with sound and image perfection.

Thus the Kipnis Studio Standard!

What Jeremy has created is a home theater for he and his wife to enjoy. Six million dollars worth of enjoyment! Using a screen that harkens back to the home town big screen movie theaters, and a sound system that breaks audio down to it’s most minute elements, it is something a visitor gets immersed in. It is…overwhelming.

Not many people on this earth can afford a system like this, but the whole point of what Jeremy is creating will redefine and perfect as much as possible what you and I enjoy at home. While this is his personal theater, the goal is to create a unique, bordering perfect, environment for the mastering of digital and analog material that ultimately boils down to pressing that material on the 5" spinning disc you and I give so much attention to! He uses a device to demagnetize any elements of any medium for perfect play as well as maintaining, what amounts to be, separate electrical systems for digital and analog. Hand selected vacuum tubes for the amps that range up to $600.00 a piece! And a knack for applying successful modifications to a large percentage of the gear there.

It doesn’t end there! He is developing audio systems that would maximize the sound distribution of surround environments to the point of optimizing the experience of every individual person in a theater setting. Meaning, no matter where you sit in an auditorium, you are in the sweet spot!

He and I share a passion for this science. In conversation, I found we are both quite old school, recalling such old school formats as VHD/CED disc formats. We both bore witness to the leaps, and missteps, that led the way for the technologies we all enjoy today. In fact Jeremy has pretty much every video device known to man in his possession, not to mention some celluloid gear as well. To say I left there a tad envious is an understatement! I did ace him on one thing…I have all the interactive discs made for the CED system. HA!

But he and I share these things in common:

Wanting the best experience at home that can be.

Always looking around the corner for the next improvement, or be thinking of what that new technology can be.

We both smoke unfiltered cigarettes!

Enjoy! - Scooter Jolley

Scooter Jolley sits down with Jeremy Kipnis to find out a little bit about his background and desire to create the perfect visual and audible environment.

Jeremy Kipnis explains why he prefers tube technology

The components that make up Kipnis Studio Standard (Part 1)

The components that make up Kipnis Studio Standard (Part 2)

Power Conditioning - Two large transformers (one for digital and one for analog) sit in Jeremy’s backyard handling 13,800 volts of electricity.

Master Circuit Breakers

The components that make up Kipnis Studio Standard (Part 3)

A Fond Farewell


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The Greatest Show on Earth

I want one!! Runs out and buys lottery ticket.:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=crossg;2044217]I want one!! Runs out and buys lottery ticket.:)[/QUOTE]

Probably good enough to make women’s clothes fall off.:bigsmile:


[QUOTE=platinumsword;2044520]Probably good enough to make women’s clothes fall off.:bigsmile:



Kipnis Studios will be concluding formal public demonstrations of The Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) - Ciné Beta Screening Room on Saturday, September 6th, 2008.

Anyone interested in a complete, hand-tailored tour should feel free to contact me through our website:

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