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Does somebody know if there are many differents between the sims from twilight and the full one?


The one on TL 45 is the US version and I don’t think it has got the music…
I’ve got the EU versions where you can choose a language, dutch, spanisch, german, english …and more…


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Yeah but how about movies. Are there any?


-no movies
-only one intro !(full)
-tl no music

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ARE there any movies in the sims except for the intro


EHHHH what is NIGHTFORCE saying what do you think richard? He writes:
-no movies
-only one intro !(full)

Oh what will he mean by that?

I think you are dumb richard.

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Tommilio, don’t insult people…just think it but don’t say it…




I’ve played almost every part of the game and I haven’t seen any other movies then the intro yet.
Here’s a cool tip for The Sims: you can play your favorite MP3 in the Sims.
Go to your Sims directory, then go in the music/stations directory, choose one of the Stations (Classic/Latin etc), in here put a shortcut to you mp3, rename this mp3 to the name of the directory with a number behind it.
For example, if you put the shortcut in the
Latin directory, name the file latin1, latin2 etc.
Now when you put the radio on in the game you’ll hear your favorite MP3.


What i mean is: are there any movies in the original sims release (a copy from the game witch is bought in the store) except for the intro because in some magazine i saw some screenshots whitch you can’t find in the game while playing

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Like Sies said i won’t insult people anymore.