The Sims Unleashed

Ok Well I have a Liteon 40125S burner. I have successfully burnt games like GTA3 (2.51) and a few other games that are 2.60 games. But now that i am faced with the sims unleashed 2.80 game, i am finding it difficult to work out how to burn it. I have tried everything and gone through about 5 cds already in the attempt of cracking this game. But still have had no luck and they are all coasters.

Philamber stated “Yep, any Lite-on 24x or higher can handle any version of safedisc released to date (including 2.60.052 referred to in Pirate80’s post above and which is used on the latest update 1.29f of Civ 3).” in a post on And yes my burner is a SD2 killer that is above 24x, yet I still don’t know how I can burn this game. I used CloneCD with reading on Data CD, Game CD, and the profile given on this site for SD2 no AWS yet they all don’t seem to work.

Any ideas on how to get this running?

Well you kinda answered your question yourself, read philambers thread and follow the instructions…

The first paragraph of the thread says:

Update: If you are attempting to copy The Sims Unleashed or any other game protected with safedisc 2.8x, use discdump (either through the burnatonce interface or with the standard frontend) to make the image.

So far as I can tell from the various posts about this and other sd2.8x protected games, the only reliable reading tool for making a working back-up is discdump.

Although there have been one or two posts of success with clonecd, there have not been any posts of successful copies being made where any of clonecd 4.x, blindread, cdrwin, cd-mate, alcohol 120% or discjuggler have been used to make the disc image.

See also here and if you’re successful, as you should be, remember that XiT is the man, not me.

well i did that thing with discdump
i burnt it at 8x max like Cyn did. It takes a long time so i left it over night. Thought hmm this better work. So I wake up this morning and what do you know it is finished… but there is some error with the ISO, something like the size does not match or it is a foreign ISO is what Nero calls it…strange…I dunno why this is. So i’m going to try again. Hopefully better luck next time… Anyone have any ideas why this happened?d

Originally posted by vkarpov
there is some error with the ISO, something like the size does not match or it is a foreign ISO is what Nero calls it

Which error message did you get? “Size does not match” suggests that you might have accidentally used the securom mode which would result in the image being useless. “Foreign iso” is no big deal however.

Still, I suspect that you’ve tried to burn the image by loading the iso file directly. If you’re going to use nero to burn a discdump image, the way to do it is to load the cue sheet.

So i must load the cue sheet not the .ISO image? Can cue sheets be used in Nero? What is the problem with just loading the ISO image?


Yes, so long as your version of nero is or above.

Because the image is a raw 2352 image rather than the standard iso image that nero is expecting. (Actually, so long as the image is of a cd with a single data track it is possible to load the iso rather than the cue if burn raw data is checked when it is detected by nero as a foreign image format, but it isn’t recommended.)

Instructions for using nero to burn a discdump image can be found here .

ok Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I’ll try doing it now and report back what i get :slight_smile:

Ok tried Cyn’s way. Is better but still didn’t work for some god damn reason. :frowning: …might try to put it on normal mode not safedisc mode. I heard it has helped some ppl

woops i forgot to burn at DAO 96 and only burnt at DAO write mode…hmm would this change anything? heh

ok so i use the same ISO but put on DAO96…still nothing…wtf is wrong…

i’m going to try on standard mode and if that doesn’t work…i don’t know what will i’ve must have wasted like 10 cds already! damn

Do you have an ordinary cd/dvd rom from which you can run the back-up? You’ll need some media hiding utility if you only have the writer?

I use a normal DVD rom to read the media. I tried to burn it again recently and i found that when i use just normal mode on the DDump at full speed it runs well now. Takes a little while to start compared to the real cd but it still starts. I think if i put it on DAO and not DAO96 it will run much faster in Nero. Itdid in my previous burns

Well I’m glad you’ve gotten a working backup at last.

As for nero in dao96 mode, your experience is simliar to what mine was when it was first introduced into nero with v. Safedisc back-up works but isn’t as readable as original so takes a lot longer to load.

It’s one of the reasons I recommend fireburner or burnatonce rather than nero for burning discdump images. However, I had thought that the problem had been corrected as I haven’t encountered it with more recent versions but apparently not in all cases.

If you are able to get nero to burn the discdump image uncorrected in standard dao mode (as you should be able to; my writer’s inability to do so is one of it’s eccentricities), there is unlikely to be any problem with slow loading times.

thank you very much
you’ve been a great help! :slight_smile: