The Sims Pet Stories DVD on a netbook



My daughter just bought the Sims Pet Stories DVD and wants to play it on our netbook while on vacation. I made an iso, installed it, and quickly ran into the “conflict with emulation software” message. Also tried running under a VM and found the “please insert the original disc” message. Is there some way to get this to work? We have the original disc and key but no DVD drive on the netbook.

I checked with burnout and it reports SecuROM 7.33.0004.




Hi and Welcome!

unfortunately this software has a copy protection that needs the original disc inserted in a physical drive. So you’re out of luck with your netbook.

The manufacturer of that game is happy to receive a thank-you letter from you. :bigsmile:



Hi jwy,

a simple ISO backup isn’t enough to run a SecuROM application.
Which software did you use to create the image and which virtual drive software are you using ?


I used my Ubuntu desktop to make the ISO. Don’t have access to it so I can’t check the software but I would guess it is wodim or some relative. I didn’t realize the situation when I made the ISO!

Netbook runs W7 64bit. VM runs WXP 32 bit.

I have access to a DVD drive if I have to remake an ISO.



Two options :wink:

The fast one:

  • download the attached mds file and put it where your ISO is located
  • rename your ISO to SimsPS.mdf
  • download latest x64 SPTD access layer (needed for DAEMON Tools and Alcohol 52%)
  • install (please read this before) & reboot
  • install latest version of either DAEMON Tools Lite or Alcohol 52% FE (don’t forget to uncheck options you don’t like)
  • mount the mds image descriptor file in the virtual drive of DT Lite or Alcohol
  • start the game

If you still get an Emulator error message, you need to use the tool YASU for DT, or ACID for Alcohol to “cloak” your drives. You can find YASU here ([I]info[/I]); the ACID.exe is located in the Alcohol installation folder.

The ‘do it yourself’ one: (3.96 KB)