The Sims On Holiday & Superstar



Hallo there
I made a backup of Holiday, but it came up with an error while installing.
I read the image with my Liteon dvd drive, and burn with my Sony. i use the safedisk (no aws) profile.
i have maneged to make af working backup before. but now it will not work.
i also tried to run the image from the virtual clone drive, and it make the same error.
mayby it will work if i set the error correction to software insted of hardware in my liteon. which setting is the best, and what is the difference???
I have just bought Superstar has anyone managed to bacup the game???
Thanks in advance


i have backup both games using blindwrite … …this depends alot on burner … if you can back up these games …superstar is nice. .it is sd 2.9 hardest so far yet …but if you have right program and burner it is easily done

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I have managed to make a backup of sims on holiday. i just have to read the image with my burner.
But i can’t make a working backup of Sims superstar.
i have tried:
read image with safedisk (no aws) profile in my liteon dvd, and burn on a verbatim cd-rw. the game installs but came with an error after the yellow sims superstar screen.
then i tried to burn the image with fireburner, on the same cd-rw. the game came with the same error.
then i tried to make a new image with my burner, with the same profile, and burn on a mr.platinum 48x. the game makes the same error.
now i am burning the image on a mr. platinum 48x with fireburner, but i don’t think that will help either.
i have maneged to burn safedisk 2.8 by making an image with clonecd and burn with fireburner. i don’t know what to do. i prefer using clonecd if it is posible.
Please help me!!!


no offense to the forum and all but i tried clone cd with safedisc and could never get it working …did with blindwrite and worked right away …but also sd 2.9 depends highly on your burner …

what burner do u have ? do u just have a cd burner ? from what it sounds like it could be you using combo drive that is dvd burner and cd burner … what model do u have ? well let me know …


@ Frede

I see that your writer is a Sony CRX175A-1, which. as I recall is a re-badged Lite-on.

I don’t know the max burning speed of that model but if it is 24x then it is almost certainly a re-badged Ltr-24102B.

If so, you can forget about making a working copy of any safedisc 2.9 protected cd because, regrettably, the Ltr-24102B (once the king of safedisc dupers) cannot successfully copy sd 2.9 cds with any software as sd 2.9 contains a new weak sector pattern that it is unable to write.


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Originally posted by philamber
[B]@ Frede

I see that your writer is a Sony CRX175A-1, which. as I recall is a re-badged Lite-on.[/B]

What does rebadged mean. isn’t there any chance for me to make a working backup of Superstar, without emulation??? if not what burner should i buy then?


rebadged means it is lite on drive but has sony …almost all same parts or same parts as lite on but labeled sony …

well I back up my sd 2.9 games with a memorex burner …it does securom lastest one well too …twinpeaks

or if you can afford it …i use plex premium

and those you can find at best buy …

those do securom alot better … it doesnt use twin peak method …but I have used both drives to backup all my games and they work

memorex is alot cheaper …

i use blindwrite and with memorex to be honest i like to use safedisc cause i dont have to use autoplay and EWS and it plays in all my drives …I just have to hide the ATIP

with plex premium I have to use blindwrite sometimes i have to use autoplay to play right in one of my cd roms …

just my two cents …

also new asus are good and new liteons …but I cant get there where I live and i dotn like ordering online …I always want things that i buy computer wise yesterday hehhehe



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Originally posted by giovanni42104
rebadged means it is lite on drive but has sony …almost all same parts or same parts as lite on but labeled sony …

Damn… i didn’t got any problems until now. i made backups of all safedisk and securom. safedisk 2.8 i had to burn with fireburner, and securom new with the twinpeak methode, but it workt. and now i have to buy a new burner. maybe if i opdate the firmware… couldn’t that work???


Originally posted by Frede
maybe if i opdate the firmware… couldn’t that work???

If your writer has a 24x max writing speed the answer is no. Sorry.


Originally posted by philamber
If your writer has a 24x max writing speed the answer is no. Sorry.

What about the future. couldn’t there come a program that could do the trick???


nope no trick just have to have new burner sorry


giovanni42104 is almost certainly correct.

The programmers of one of the better known duping apps have attempted to find a software solution (both FutureProof and I have tested beta versions that attempted to provide a solution) but, unfortunately, so far, they haven’t succeeded.

Given that your writer is no longer manufactured or sold and that the developers of that app are now working on significant and major improvements to that app, I doubt that a solution will ever be found (even assuing that one exists).

If you need a writer that can cope with sd 2.9, any 32x+ Asus or 40x+ Lite-on will do the job and both brands are cheap.


OR a memorex 52x …which i have and the mighty plex premium which i love cause it does sd 2.9 and also when doing securom dont use twin peaks so you dont need two disks and install or play …also not all burners use two discs but other brand cd rw use twin peaks except the plex
just my two cents


Originally posted by philamber
[B]giovanni42104 is almost certainly correct.

The programmers of one of the …[/B]

Well… if i have to buy a new burner i would like one that is future proof. i am thinking about the safedisk 3.0 or higher. what burner would you sugest??? i have also read in some threads that liteons have some issues and there is a special securom profile for liteon drives on this site.


I will be perfectly honest …as far as future proof , and not the adminstrator hehhe , who knows …I just know now a days that it is going to more and more emulation to keep up with the times …I know that my memorex does without autoplay and without ews which to me is good …and plex i have to use autoplay which i dont mind …but you will never beat a plex premium and securom …just cause it dont use twin peaks … my opinion … i hasve seen twin peaks stall in too many drives installing or playing … also as far as future proof …we dont know what is going to come out so how do we know if it is future proof …I am confident that out of the six drives I have I believe that the plex premium and memorex will survive …but to know that for a fact would be insane to assume …cause we never know what manufactors are going to be doing …I know in some states it is outlawed now to backup your games and i think that is crazy …so who know where this is all heading …I know with both drives I hvae i do all protections out there now easy

and I know that asus drives and lite ons do too … I just dont prefer them cause of twin peaks method but I know alot of people that swear by them and i dont mean to make them made … just my opinion once again …but also whereI live i cant get asus and lite on’s so that is big influence too …I am sure if i could I would be able to use it …but with saying that I have tdk 5200 b …which i heard is a lite on drive …and i have no problems with it either …but I remember lite on was banned or had something done to them where they are times could not do certain protections