The sims deluxe and expansion pack help

alright. i bought the sims deluxe a few weeks ago. i really liked it but i wanted something more, so today i bought 2 expansion packs, which include all of them for the sims. well, they were very confusing to download. some of their serial numbers didnt even work, which is odd considering i BOUGHT them. anyway, now my original sims deluxe wont even work. none of them will. i dont know what to do.
i tried removing all of it, and every time i do, it just reinstalls it.

Call EA games . You just bought the games so the technical support people should walk you through it.

Don’t you think, the original poster found a solution after half a year? :bigsmile:

Welcome @CDF btw :slight_smile:


That’s funny, did not see the date.

Hey, since you replied as well. Is there a program I can download that will make an exact copy of the Sims complete collection? ~ One of the kids spend 40 bucks on it and the other one wants to share it, but it is going to end up in scratch haven in no time at all (8 &11 yr olds)

I tried clonecd and made coasters, 5 star (same thing) and am not the most sophisticated person when it comes to a variety of steps and confusing commands. Any help would be appreciated.

PEACE and thanks for the welcome.