The Sims & DDEML.DLL



Each time after I installed the Sims i get an error saying : The file DDEML.DLL is damaged Windows will repair this file after you reboot. Well, after 500 reboot’s it still isn’t repaired. Then i used SFC.exe (System File Checker) in the windows directory to replace the file. But it still doens’t work. PLEASE HELP,
TNX Junky


Is it not in de {windows\sysbackup} ??

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delete the dll file download it from or and try it again.



go to and then you must type in your dll file and search and you see where you can download your file and then put it in the game!!!


Hey ‘Junky’ I’ve been trying to download ‘The Sims’ for a couple of weeks now, but with not much success, so please, could you pass on the link of where you got yours.
Thanks in advance.

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I didb’t download it, i copied the whole version. I don’t know where to get it.