The Sims 2



thanks razor, as we thought 9well you thought, i ad a fair idea it would be safedisk but you never know, they might try something like tegas or startforce 3.


p.s. did you buy it or get it by “other means”? :wink:


oh, of course i bought!!! :cop:

original! i just know the people from the shop really good… :wink: and today it was shipped and then i got a phone call… :bigsmile:

btw: this game rocks!!! just been playing it for half an hour and it’s great… sooooooooo many cool new things - this is what sims 1 was supposed to be in my thoughts… :slight_smile:


are the grafix abit like the PS2 version, they look like it in the screenshots i have seen :slight_smile:

btw. the reason i thought u downloaded it was 'coz pirate copies have been flying round the interent since last week, illegal downloading aint for me though, im waiting untill friday to buy a genuine copy for £40 ($75)… :cop:


continue discussion here, please only list protections found in the protection list thread… thanks


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£40 sucks dude, £24 for me :slight_smile:
sims 2 was rated 82% by PcZone.


92% in PC Gamer. I find PC Zone is always a harsh magazine.


@merther02£24, but is it going to come on friday and inc. vat and delivery?


No, but monday will do me fine :stuck_out_tongue: and yes inc vat etc.


oh ok, well me rather pay £14 and play it friday… pathetic isnt it… waited months without problems and am desperate over a few days :slight_smile:


half life 2…duke nukem, bastards my never see the light i reckon.




@ Razor - if you scan the cd directly does it show up as sd 3.2 or do you have to install it first?



no, it just sais “signs for sd 2 found on disc… bla bla bla…”

this is just because of quick sector scan…


graphics are really cool - the faces are the best… perfect face-animation…!

btw: i don’t download that much - i’m on a 56k connection… :frowning:


Thanks Razor…that would explain the screenshots of the game being scanned that i found.


poor razor on 56k :sad:, guess you live in a rural area and cant get broadband :sad:

  • ben :slight_smile:


right, broadband NOT available here… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


oh well… at least on 56k you are less likely to get hacked… how much is sattelite broadband p/m i think that is avalable everwhere.

  • ben :slight_smile: