The Sims 2 University

I’m trying to backup The Sims 2 University using Alcohol 120% but I’m having some trouble.

I have a BENQ DW1650 dvd burner and I’m trying to backup the CD version of the game which has Safedisc 4.00.001 protection.

I have the datatype set to Safedisc 2/3/4 and the read speed at 4x.

When I start making the image it gets to 0.3% without any trouble (only takes a few seconds) but then I start getting disc read errors, it then takes a couple of minutes to get to 0.4% and at that rate it will take far too long to finish.

Is there anything I’m missing or any more specific settings I need to use?

You don’t miss anything the read errors are normal for safedisc protected cds they’ll will stop around sector 10500 just be patient and let it run.