The Sims 2 problems (again!)


The Sims 2 is playing up again. I recently formatted my PC, and now when i play the Sims, i get some kind of graphical error at the bottom of the screen. It takes up about 2/6 of the screen.

Have a look at the screenshot.

Any help would be great.


damn, what did you with your machine??? :wink:

saw already your other thread telling about your problems with another game after this mentioned re-formatting…

maybe you should clear your machine once again and then set it up again… :wink:

seems it makes more trouble atm than a good job…

sry, can’t help you more with this, this time…



Did the trouble start before or after you got the new graphics card? Or did you install any other new components just prior to the reformat? What graphics/motherboard drivers are you using?

hmm… have you got the latest v61.77 nvidia drivers? i ahve had some probelems with them on some games, so i reverted to v56.56, works fine.

ben :slight_smile:

Alos power supply might have an effect…those GT’s suck a lot of power…you’ll need a 500w supply minimum with all the other extras you have.

Got sp2 installed…if so when did you put it on?

have you tried changing the resoloution down to like 800x600?

ben :slight_smile:

Ok, I have a 550w power supply. I reformatted (again), i will install and post results. I am using v61.77 of the drivers.

Ok, everything works OK now.


Thanks to everyone anyway :).