The Sims 2, Midnight Club II


I own legit copies of The Sims 2 and Midnight Club II. I just recently bought my girlfriend a sweet 3.1 Ghz machine with a 128Mb 5600NV video card. She loves both of these games.

However, bringing the CD upstairs and downstairs is not only a pain (we have to go digging through eachothers offices) but is also getting kind of hard on the CD. I have CloneCD V5. and Nero V6.3.1.17. I only want to copy the Play CD.

Anyone know the proper settings for either of these games that work? I could find a NoCD patch somewhere I am sure, but that would take away from the flavour of the game (intro videos, etc)

Hey mate.

Firstly, go and grab the newest version of CloneCD (v5.0.4.2).

For the Sims 2, if it is the CD version, just make an image with the protected PC Game Profile. When you burn it, make sure you enable Hide CDR Media in the CloneCD Tray.

For Midnight Club II, it gets a bit harder.

Take a look here first or take a look here.

Good Luck!

P.S apart from that NO-CD cracks are illegal and not allowed to be discussed on this forum.:slight_smile:

I have a Lite-On 52327s and burned a working copy of our Sims2 original retail disk. Had the newest version of CloneCD, got the Safedisk 3 profile from a link on this web site somewhere’s (its a link to somewhere on the Slysoft Web Site), and set the burn speed at 4x. Amplify Weak Sectors on. (Was already set in the profile).
The kids now use the backup and with NO emulation software turned on. Nor was it turned on when I made the backup copy.
Hope this is of some help.