The Sims 2 image making help




i know this is an old subject but i now find the need to backup this title,

I wont to backup my 4CD version of the sims 2 to an image, im not bothered with image format i use ether, ill list what i have tried using to do this.

liteON DVDRW SOHW-16935
ClondCD (ClondTray is never used)
Alcohol 120%
Daemon Tools 3.47
Nero Ultra

On everything i have tried i have alway read at min speed if selectable which has been 1x.

Firstly i tried alcohol and i just finished its self with an writing aborted error

so i used nero and some thing???

i found so articles on here about coping the programe to disc so i thought i would follow them and used alcohol with the safedisc 2/3 option and then got Disc read error at xxx ever second??

Went back to this forum and tried CloneCD, i wasnt able to change the read speed but it started at 1.11 and droped to 0.25 after about 1 min and the status bar readout never changed from 0 so abouted myself.

Restarted comp then turned of Daemon Toolz and tried again some thing?? and cant find anything on here on copying safedisk 3.2 games or anyting else on the sims 2 i havnt yet read.

my other specs are

512mb ddr400
160gb HD
GeForce fx5200 128mb
Sony DVD-ROM DDU1612
5.1 SC

Any help would be great


try 5star game copy


Just tried that and i got defective sector error every second even in EFM mode??


Disc read errors are normal for Safedisc, it goes to sector 10k or so and then are none read errors.