The Sims 2 & FarCry DVD images ONLY!

I made an image of farcry dvd using clonecd v5.0.2.2.

it does not load the game, it either gives the “conflict with emulation…” error, or the “insert correct cd” error. i only need to use image so let’s not talk of writing to disc. shouldn’t i be able to mount an image and play ?

what are the alleged steps to making and then running from an image using clone cd 5.x either farcry dvd or the sims 2 dvd ?


what does this silence mean ?
let’s take farcry dvd since olli says it works.
can the image be loaded with clonedrive and be played ? or will this blacklist be fixed later ?

hmm… have you tried making a alcohol 120% image and playing from that, that definatly works, just remember to remove clonecd first.

  • ben

i beg your parodn ???

alcohol ???
since when does alcohol support securom OR safedisc DVD ??
it doesn’t!!

i am talking the DVD disc versions!!!

ollie said the farcry dvd works but i i don’t want to burn it to disc, i’d like the image to work 1st!!

anyone ???

Great attitude.

read in english, not korean

clonecd does not support safedisc 3 dvd’s. :cop:

they lie… :cop:

remove all references to such materials without further proof… :cop: