The Sims 2 Double-Deluxe

Hi All,

Newbie here - but I’ve been all over this site looking for a solution to my problem, and spent several hours over several evenings - so I need to ask for help.

Scenario: my daughter has bought Sims 2 Double-Deluxe on DVD-ROM, which she plans to run on her Samsung NC-10 netbook. I’ve mounted images for her CD-ROMs on the hard drive in the past (no optical drive on these) and not had any problem; however, this is too clever.

I’ve made several images of this one using Alcohol 120% and different images, and Daemon Tools Lite to mount - with YASU

The best success I’ve had was when the game told me to insert the original not the backup - by this I’m guessing the mount had worked successfully, but it’s guessed the image isn’t right. On other occasions it’s returned a conflict with emulation software error when trying to run the game, which I’m assuming means it figured out the image was mounted.

Has anyone done this particular game before? I think the DVD-ROM uses Safedisc - right?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Any advice welcome

I think you’ll get better answers in our Copy Protection forum, so I am going to move you there.

Hi All,

Just an update. I’ve done a lot of searching on this and tried quite a few things with Alcohol, but to no avail.

There’s plenty on the web about the CD version of the game, but not much about the DVD. I have to conclude that it’s impossible to get a working image off the DVD - I can get an image that allows an install, but not one that allows the game to run without the original disk.

This is one of those ones where the copy protection really does work, and I’d advise buying a spare copy for a backup or an external drive if you are running a NetBook (like me).

Hope this helps someone.

[QUOTE=rikernumber1;2294439]The best success I’ve had was when the game told me to insert the original not the backup…[/QUOTE]Judging from that error message the game is protected with SecuROM.

Would you please scan the installation directory with a Protection scanner like ProtectionID, Burnout or protectionforce ?