The Sims 2 Copying help!

Hi, I need to copy The Sims 2 Disc 1. I scanned the disc and it said the protection was SafeDisc v3. I have been told that CloneCD can handle this, I have tried and it still won’t work. Can anyone tell me where I can find a guide to copy The sims 2,

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Sims 2 uses Safedisc 3.20.022. This is a very hardware dependant version. In short the majority of sucess comes down to your burner, as in its EFM capability, not the app used to image and burn. What burner do you have? OK stupid Question, You have a DVR 108. Not sure on its capabilitys though. I use Alcohol and would recommend that. Try slowing your read and write speed down as low as you can go. Make sure emulations especially β€˜hide CDR media’ are enabled.

Sorry to say that Pioneer DVR’s are crap for backing games. My liteon can make working backes of SafeDisc 3.20 and 4.0. Also it can make very very good back-ups of the lastest Secrom! Just have to hide CD media first (for SafeDisc). My advise get a Liteon or a ASUS drive.


Your best bet is it make an image, then burn the image (i mean the actual image) onto disc, then mount it with Daemon Tools etc.