The sims 2 cd install

I have made an iso image of all 4 of the cds using alcohol 120% dont ask me why i used iso but i have and it worked fine, anyway i have copied the contents on the image of cd 1 to a folder and i have done the same with the rest of the cds but all in seperate folders, when i install the game from the files from the folder of cd1 it does about 25% and askes me in insert cd 2 how can i stop it from doing this.
i have done it with splintercell pandora tomorrow so how can i do it with the sims 2


Just mount the Image of CD1 using your virtual drive when CD2 is required mount the Image of CD2 using your vd…

i was just messing around with the files and i have done it

all i wanted to do was make the install think that the disk is in but its not and it wont ask me for the next disc it will carry on installing so i can put it onto dvd.

i have done it now anyway i just messed around with the files from the discs and copy them into the disc 1 folder.

if anyne one wants to know how i have done it just ask and i will say

Hi i am having the same problem, however i used isobuster to extract the iso files into seperate folders, disc1, disc2, disc3, and disc4. Now once i click the autorun on the first disc, it starts up and starts installing. I then get to the point where i have to insert disk two, i click run setup, under the disc2 folder, nothing happens. What can i do?or what do i need?

I Barely Bought The Sims 2 For Pc And There Was Only Two Disks In It Disk 3 And 4 Is That Rights And If It Is How Do You Install It Ive Tried So Many Times And I Cant Please Help Me Im Desperate

If you have the CD version on the game then there shoudl be 4 CD’s in it. Make sure they are not under the manual. Many people don’t look.

how did u do this as i have 4 cds that i just wanna put on 1 dvd:(

i mean that any help would be great

I purchased the Sims 2 PC version about a year ago when I had windows XP. However I got a new computer and I lost cd 1 of the game. Is there any possible way to download ONLY cd 1 as I have all the other cds? And what would be the best way to do that? Also, is the Sims 2 compatible with windows vista?
Thanks in advance

Get an replacement disc new or used (ebay, tec…). There’s no other legal way. For sims 2 and vista take a look here.